Tonight was the first night Mr. Jon told me that I should blog because people need to hear my voice.

I am still a bit shocked.

What do I have to say?  Obviously a lot.  I keep feeling like I will run out of things to blog about but in reality I can’t keep up.  Life changes, I change.  

How many coincidences do we call a coincidence until it’s obviously more than that? 

 Pieces in my life are falling into place like a puzzle.  The more I trust to do what feels right and not what I want to do, the smoother answers flow and things fall into place. 

*more on that later* 

I can not believe it has been almost four months that Handsome has lived with us….time flies.  Four months of sitting by him every time he falls asleep for naps and bed time.  Four months of letting him watch me use the restroom every single time {because he has major trauma if any door in the house is shut in his face}.  Four months of me not exercising other than a random day because it has been too hard to leave Handsome *which is hard on my mental sanity and energy levels* Four months of telling the kids that he has every right to scream and throw tantrums all day long.  Four months of me falling in love with the sweetest boy on earth. Four months of feeling tired and questioning if I am making the right decisions with him.  Four months of shoes spread across the house because Handsome loves to try them ALL on an hear the sound on the wood floor *even high heels*. Four months of listening to Jewels melodies which used to sound pretty now only scream to me MAKE A NEW MIX! Four months of trying not to show weakness of emotion from pure exhaustion and only relay the happiness I feel to have him here because I’m finding that people don’t understand that even though Handsome has my heart, it is also hard and I am trying to learn as fast as he is how to deal with our new life. 

 Four months and many more to come.


I am still waiting for the wedding pictures but I thought it would be fun to show some of the snapshots from the photo booth I rented for the reception.  I found an old coupon for a killer deal *half off* and called to speak with a darling lady that honored it anyway. 


Everyone LOVED jumping in the booth and taking a million pictures.  They got to take one half of the four pictures and it made a duplicate four pictures for them to tape in a scrapbook for Rooz and Scotty.  Everyone signed their name by their picture with a note to let them know they came.  It worked out well and the pictures are priceless!

Here are just a few…

As you can see we had a blast and there are so many more but I don’t have the time to post them all.  If you were there and want a digital copy, let me know!!


I’m going to have to do several different posts to catch up, possibly more than one a day. 

I still haven’t posted the time I went to Moab on the plane for the day


New Years


all the wedding pictures…

To be continued!