I woke up at 4 hearing a cry. I ran down the hall and into Handsome’s room and knelt down by his bed to hold his hand until he fell asleep again.  I fell asleep before he did and then realized it might be better scwooshier in my bed, so I picked him and and sauntered down the hallway back to my bed. We snuggled up close and I enjoyed it.

A movement…no, he is in my arms? And then another and I jumped as another body emerged in the darkness by my feet, something like from the grudge…a movie I shouldn’t have seen for reasons such as this.  It made me jump and I realized it was my  Bug.  I knew there was no keeping Handsome asleep if I took him out of my bed now, so I did some kind of matrix move and lifted her over Handsome and laid her between Jonny and myself on the other side of Handsome.

We were sardines and so comfortable in a smashed sort of way.

They slept great and I watched them sleep great reminiscing of the days long gone now when I used to sleep.  When was that again..let’s see possibly 1995, yes I think that is when it was.  Before I was pregnant with my first. When I danced every day and worried about getting just high enough grades to stay on the team.  The worst possible day was when I didn’t get to kiss by my boyfriend or go to 7 11 for a slurpee…yes those days are long gone.

I was shot awake at some point when I must have dozed off for a minute or two when Mack was looking for her blazer for school because she has to wear it and I thought, “Aren’t uniforms supposed to make life easier?  I don’t have to match all of the kids all day but if they can’t find the right thing….”

And then the twins woke up.

My day begins. I started rushing here an there getting the kids ready to go to the dentist, who happens to be my friend.  It’s a good thing he is because next  Mr. Jon asked me to get me the jeep keys because he was getting the oil changed for our drive in  a few hours and I realized I had locked my keys and purse in the car.  Sorry Rick my dentist I said on the phone…I locked my keys in the car.  Tell him we will take him to dinner..

I walked into the bathroom and asked Jon if he was relaxed this morning?? “Why”…well because I locked the keys in the car. “You mean to tell me you have lost BOTH keys to that jeep?”

hmmmm I guess that is what it means., “Well Jon remember all of those times you have done stupid things and you tell me to use them against you when I do something kind of absentmindedly?  Well I don’t remember what those things are you said to use against you but I am pulling that card now…”

“woman, you will be the death of me…” he said with a smile…and I walked out and looked of the keys.  Next I called the locksmith and they came pretty darn fast.  I walked up to the car and they turned around and jumped and stared at me….I don’t know quite what the issue was but I must have taken them by surprise because then they started laughing to each other.  Then they said they made me a key, “Isn’t it easy to get into jeep wranglers?” I asked..

and they said no

So I tried the key into the lock and it worked so I grabbed my purse and looked inside for the keys.  The horn was a blazzin and the neighbors were no doubt a cursin’  because it was bright and early and my horn is loud.  “Doesn’t this key turn off the horn?”

“No mam…it just gets you inside…” just then Handsome ran out screaming, it must of scared him pretty good, or bad or whatever…

I RAN into the house like the devil was a chasin me and I dumped out my purse.  Now this might not be a big deal for you to dump out your purse but for me it was a big deal.  Just ask my kids, they have even been teasing me about my full purse and not full of normal things.  I cleaned of that counter in my kitchen a few days ago full of everything people leave in the kitchen and because all the kids were in bed and they couldn’t all take their stuff I shoved it into my purse.


one dirty sock


ipod charger

lip gloss


a fork

and somewhere a wallet and many other things I don’t have time to write.

The horn was a blowin’ and I was a sweatin..

I ran outside and said, “can’t we shut off this thing?”

“Nope…it will stop on it’s own in a while…”

and eventually it did.

I now have a key to get into my car and can’t start it.  “That will be forty dollars please”

I paid up and ran inside. Handsome was still screamin’ from all the chaos and the others were running around trying to find a key that they didn’t even know what it looked like.

I came upstairs and sat down on the chair in my closet and looked at Mr Jon as he came out of the shower. “What’s wrong? Did the lock smith come?”


“Than what is wrong?”


and I started to cry

“Honey, what is wrong? It’s not that big of a deal.”

“I know but I feel like I am going crazy.  I can’t remember anything.  I think I actually have early onset, what is that disease called…yea see, can’t even remember. My grandma had it and now I will have it.”

“Do you think so?? with a worried look on that handsome face he’s got when he worries about me.

“I don’t know.”

“It’s because you haven’t had any sleep.” Ya maybe but I don’t feel any less crazy.  Visions of my Grandma flew through my mind.  First she started calling me the wrong name, and then she would loose things, and then I was in Mexico at her condo for 2 weeks taking care of her when I was 18 because she couldn’t take care of herself anymore but missed her second home.  She had forgotten how to drive and kept social drinking because she forgot she had already had too much.

Pretty soon it took her life.

“I am going to die like my Grandma Jane” I thought

Mr. Jon gave me a kiss and was in a hurry because of my little key incident and rushed off to work.

“I’ll be back at 12:30 ready to leave town!”

So I planned on hurrying, I did and then Handsome had been so scared he pooed all up he cute new outfit that he was goin to wear.  I changed him and then went downstairs because Handsome was pointing that way and I decided to eat.  Eat, yes that would make me feel better.  And then all the other kids wanted to eat.  As I was baking us up some sandwiches I heard a scream and the twins were a fighten again.

Bug yelled that Handsome was a baby and I agreed but said she was acting like one too.  Then Handsome started screaming because he couldn’t have the Micky mouse sword *what kind of messed up person makes Micky into a sword anyway?

And then Handsome saw the chips and he quit his walerin.

And then I nerd a hoise.  That’s right “I nerd a hoise kids what was that?”

Monkey said, “nerd a hoise…?” baffled by my lack of language skills… “Oh I mean heard a noise” because the toy dog kept buzzin and beepin.

So I ate my sandwich hard and fast because I just knew I would have to blog about my mornin. Monkey came and ate one of my chips and that doesn’t settle well with me so I walked over when she wasn’t lookin and took 2 or hers just in time to be caught.

“Mom, you took MY chips!!”


“Mom, you took 2 of MY chips!!!”

“yep that’s called interest my dear.”

and I walked up stairs to blog, and then pack…exactly in that order.