The Good: My husband is a great guy with dyslexia and add.  He has learned to overcome his weaknesses with some amazing talents!

The Bad: I am slowly but surely turning into my husband.  Yesterday I saw my loaf of bread and read “Green Tea Bread” and thought, wow that should be good for me! After a minute I realized it said “Ten Grain Bread”…is that even dyslexia or just plain messed up? 

The Ugly: As I look back over the years I see a trend of less and less attention span.

Dyslexics Untie!

The Good: We were invited to the temple for our friends baby sealing on Saturday.  They are the same friends that brought Handsome into our lives!

The Bad: It is in Idaho and about a six hour drive IF we are lucky enough to miss the snow storm.

The Ugly: Handsome will be with us on the six hour drive *both ways* and doesn’t like to sit in the car that long, does any toddler?  

Drive in Snow or Ice

The Good: I just gave Handsome his first haircut since he came to live with us!

The Bad: He has already grown up three months and needed a haircut.

The Ugly: The hair is still all over my counter and floor.

The Good: I get to go to the Sundance film festival and the closing award ceremony!

The Bad: hmmmm there is no bad 

The Ugly: What do I wear to such an event?  It will be freezing but there will be *stars* there..

What Not To Wear tv show photo

The Good: Mack in Ballroom at school

The Bad: She hates it and wants to transfer to study hall

The Ugly: The reason she wants to transfer is because every time her partner tries to pull her up from “the dip” he farts.


The Good: Bug is smart enough to ask the real color of our car

The Bad: She is asking because it is so dirty

The Ugly: She advised me to take it to the wash today to fix the problem…she just turned 4

Writing “WASH ME” on a dirty car is 80s.

The Good: Little Jon made dinner last night!

The Bad: I didn’t eat it

The Ugly: I Despise tuna casserole with every ounce of my body and couldn’t even pretend to enjoy it.


The Good:  Rooz is on her honeymoon to our cabin after a beautiful wedding

The Bad: I am so excited to post pictures and have to be patient until the photographer gets them to me.

The Ugly: She is my friend and can’t complain *Mandy if you are reading this I am so excited to see them!  Hurry Hurry Hurry :)))* Here are a few from a friends camera…

The Good: Noo Noo is in dance and on a great team that is traveling to Colorado in a few weeks and Sprite is going to a soccer tournament also that I can’t see.

The Bad: I can’t go.  It is too hard on Handsome for me to leave him or take him right now

The Ugly: Sprite tripped a boy *the coaches son* on purpose last night at practice out of pure revenge and the coach saw. Noo will have more fun without me there…

The Good: Monkey didn’t kill herself on the treadmill

The Bad: She wants to exercise on it again

The Ugly: Her foot is all cut up and she has a huge bruise on her leg


The Good: Handsome is pooping SOLID poops for the first time since he came to live here.  I could tell there was a shift in his comfort level and security.

The Bad: He has had diarrhea for 3 months.

The Ugly:  He poos about 8 times a day….yesterday he proved to me that he pooed by showing me on his fingers and saying, “mama I poo”.