My blog has been an emotional roller coaster lately…but I guess my life has too.

 I was so sad for many reasons the morning Phylis was to be put to sleep, but one of them being that my camera battery charger had been lost for months.  I think I left it at the cabin on Thanksgiving.  I didn’t have a way to take pictures of Phylis before we took her to the vet and I was so sad.  The old camera I had been using was taken to take pictures of diamonds and I had no way to document.

I had been awake pretty much all night because Phylis slept on my bed with us for the first time ever.  I tried it when she was a puppy once or twice, but she was just too active.  Her breathing was labored all night and a few times Little Jon and I thought we would be saying goodbye to her before the kids woke up.  I found myself focusing on my breath trying to keep her breathing, like when you watch a movie and the actors look like they will drown.  

I was restless and would fall asleep and then toss and turn when she shook the bed from pain.  

After a while I put my head at the opposite end of the bed and laid on Phylis’ furry fat tummy.  We snuggled together the rest of the night, other than when Handsome woke up and I left for about an hour to get him back to bed.  

Time was ticking…it was countdown until morning when her time was up.

Tender Mercies

They happen all around us everyday, but it is hard to take a minute to stop and notice them all because we are in such a big hurry with our day to day lives.  Well, this morning I had a tender mercy given to me…to us.  30 minutes before we were supposed to leave and take Phylis to the vet, a package showed up on my doorstep.  I had no idea what it could have been but tore into it.  

“Jon look at this, It’s my battery charger!”

I ran and pulled out my camera and started charging the battery.  I knew there wasn’t enough time to pull it off but I had to try anyway.  Five minutes before we were to leave I put the battery in and it worke.  So happy happy me, we got to take a few pictures of everyone together before she left out my front door for the last time.

These aren’t to make you cry, {or me for that matter} but to remember our love for Phylis.

After we snuggled her for a while, it was time to go.  NooNoostayed with me and the twolittles.  The rest of them wanted to go to the vet.  

And that was that…

They came home and were pretty torn up but it wasn’t long until we had a wedding to do.  


Now that Rooz’s wedding is over, I can start sharing pictures that were taken in preparation.

Like the day we went to watch her get her dress sized.  Each of the girls picked out their favorite dress…the one they could picture themselves wearing for prom in a few years.

Bug was on one that day…

as you will see.

And there you have it.

The first of many dress fittings.


Today I took Mack to the OBGYN.

She asked me why the bed was so short.  

I didn’t know what else to say other than, “Because you bend you knees on that kind of bed.”

She didn’t like that answer much.