I am not having another baby girl, my sister is!

and isn’t she beautiful!?

She was TWELVE days early! I can’t even imagine.  I was ten days late with my first and every child after was either barely trying to come into the world on their due date or being encouraged by patocin.

Welcome baby Jayne Eve.  

Jayne for my Grandma and Eve because she was born on New Years Eve! What a surprise, and reason to party every year.  

Now this is what I call a New Years KISS!

The next morning I visited and took some pictures for my new niece and sister.

My first time holding Jayne.

I missed holding a little baby, but not enough to have another!

Her hubby showed up while I was there wearing none other than his lucky shirt.  She same one he proposed in and took all of his CPA tests in. 

 What a doll.

Little Jon loves babies and they love him.  He talks in his low voice and they always open their eyes to look at what in the world the sound is coming from.  On the way up to the maternity floor I got onto the elevator and turned to see that he had stopped walking behind me to look at some pictures on the wall.  The elevator doors shut and left without him!  It took us 10 more minutes to find each other as we both kept going up and down trying to meet up.

We were both laughing when we finally found each other.

We had already been laughing because I almost peed myself trying to find a bathroom in that maze of a hospital.  I was hobbling around taking little steps, warning Little Jon not to make me laugh.  

I B.A.R.E.L.Y. made it.

Little Jon always knows how to make a Gourley girl happy and brought my sis a 

perfect deli sandwich.

and this may have been my favorite part…

The part where my sis chewed out my brother in law for procrastinating putting the baby stuff together because he never though she would come early.  He looks a little sheepish, don’t you think?!  

{Maybe he is biting his tongue so hard he is making that face}

Either way he was a trooper.  My poor sister didn’t get her planned epidural because the anesthesiologist was preoccupied…!! Shouldn’t there be 2 available? 

She screamed and held my mom’s hand as the nurse looked into her eyes and said,


It sounds like something from a movie.  I felt bad I wasn’t there because Camille helped me through the birth of Bug when she was posterior and stuck for 4 hours in the birth canal.  I almost had to have an emergency c-section until Dr. Judd came and used the forceps

*which can be scary unless you are really good at it*

Jon took this picture of me, and I love it!

Go Jon!

The next day they brought Jackson to meet his new baby sister.

So that was how we ended our year around our parts.  

I am finishing up plans for Rooz’s wedding and everything is coming together nicely.  I am so lucky to have our event planner/marketing person/friend from our businesses, offer her help and support.  She is amazingly organized and planned out.  She is used to how I work…{last minute, juggling a ton}  She has let my imagination go wild and find a way to help me make it work.  

I will let one tiny detail slip…

I was laying in my bed last week and staring at the ceiling.  This may not be interesting to some, but my ceiling is beautiful!  Every winter my kids make me a ton of snow flakes {because I love them} and tape them above my bed.  They are beautiful and blow in the breeze from my skylight *and heater vents* They are all different colors, shapes and sizes.

Anyway I had an idea

I wanted there to be beautiful snowflakes at the reception like there were above my bed.  I couldn’t figure out how to make it work so I got up at 4:30 am and googled *snowflake wedding reception* Up popped a beautiful picture of Balloons on the ceiling with snowflakes hanging from them.  I was so excited and it was PERFECT!  I woke up Rooz in the morning and asked her if she liked the idea or not.  She was on board, so I can’t wait to make this into a reality.  Hundreds of balloons with hundreds of floating snowflakes.  

My Mandy is the photographer for the even and will take pictures so I can share!

All the girls dresses are ready, their jackets and shoes are COMING in the mail.  The food, the decorations, invitations and a few other surprises up my sleeve for the party.  I still need to add Christmas pictures and SO MUCH more, but I am out of time once again!