I told you I wouldn’t write.

I didn’t plan on it, and for good reason…

And then I realized it is the end of a very eventful year full of happiness, sadness, reasons to celebrate and reasons to cry.  So much growth in my children’s height and maturity.  

So much…

I pushed it out of my mind…the blogging thing and the year end celebrations until I had a hard morning, and Bug brought me back to reality.  It went something like this as I was changing Handsome’s diaper in his room a minute ago..


“Yes Bug.”

“Why did we change this room of ours?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well mom…why did this room change like this?”


“Like what? The paint? We painted the room when Handsome came to live with us so it would be blue and not pink like a girl room.”

“No, mom…I mean why is this little boy in this room now?  Why did it change?”

“ohhhh Honey, because he came to live with us.”

“Why mom? Where is the family that he was lived with before?”

“They are still there, but he lives with us now.”


“Because they wanted Handsome to have a home with a mommy and a daddy and to be loved and hugged and taken care of.”

“Ohhhh… well, that’s pretty good!”


“What Bug.”

“I love this little boy of ours.  Why did they bring him to us?”

“Because Heavenly Father thought you would be a great big sister.”

“Ohh…*giggle* I like that and I love this little boy. I gave him hugs this morning.”

“Good Bug.  I love you and I am so proud that you are such a great big sister to Handsome.”


“What Bug”

“Why does Phylis our dog have a little piece of fuzzy hair on her head that sticks up really far?

“mmmm I don’t know, why?”

“Because she looks like she was caught.”

“What do you mean….caught?”

“Well she looks like she is in trouble all the time, like she was caught..”

What do you say about that convo that all happened in the space of 5 minutes?  I teared up and I laughed at the same time.  It seems like the whole year has been like that.  A series of extremem ups and downs. 

Sometimes I feel crazy. 

  I think I need a mood stabilizer..something I have never needed my entire life.  I am very even ….stable, but I think there is emotion pushing it’s way out of me that I have repressed sometimes.  I am so blessed and sometimes I feel as if the world is pounding into me one beat at a time.  As I grow I feel stronger to withstand hard things because I have conquered them before.  At the same time I hold fast to what is important because Satan would have me give into my fears, my fatigue, and my thoughts.  I refuse to give up or to give in, because I know what is important.  

It is every day. 

 Every day counts and sometimes it’s the way I keep plowing forward, a new day, a new month, and a new year.  

I am ready to hit 2011 head on. 

 I am ready for the hormones and the drama.  I am ready to solve new problems…ok, not ready but I promise not to run and hide like I feel like doing sometimes.  I resolve not to make too many new years resolutions like last year.  My new year’s resolution is to be. 

Be Me. 

 The best me I canbe.

And now I leave you with a run down of the past year *Facebook Style*

Lessons learned on New Years day:

DO carry a GUN on walks in Wyoming and NEVER let Kinley NEAR a snow blower.

Brighton asked me today when she started her new primary class why it was called “Violent 8”

Is saving up to buy a Bed knobs and Broomsticks bed.

One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy; One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself.

thinks: Wag More Bark Less

Just had my first official Spanish class and can’t for the life of me figure out how to identify the gender of a word…it’s just not like checking a dog or child.

A zoo zoo pet just ate me and its friend attacked my daughter within 10 minutes. After our hair cutting party I decided to check for a warning before I sued them. To my chagrin there was one.

Thank goodness for under armour. Frodo Baggins and I would both die without it!

“Squidward this is great. Just you, me, and this brick wall you built between us.”

(Boy Calling) “Hi, um is Whitney there?” (ME)”Yes, may I ask who is calling?” (Boy) “It’s Luke.” (Whitney)”This isn’t Luke, who is it!?” (Boy) “It’s Luke!” (Me) “Skywalker?” (Boy)”No, just Luke. Can she go to a movie?” (Me) “Um, Whitney Luke Skywalker want’s to go on a date to the star ship.” (All fun and games until I find out his name was actually Luke and a very shy boy in class that I just humiliated!

Ella just let me know that she would like to be a Coldplay backup singer.

loves it when my kids yell at each other to “STOP YELLING!”

The song “Forever Young” has néw meaning after listening to it on the radio for 22 years!!

Ella just explained to me the that the reason her “crush” likes her is because she lets him play with her hair, she gives him smelly hamburger erasers, and she growls better than him. (Take these tips for Valentines day and you are sure to fuel the relationship fire!)

Doesn’t want a pizza, she doesn’t want a piece of peanut brittle, doesn’t want a pear, doesn’t want a bagel, doesn’t want a bean, she wouldn’t like a bag of beef or a beer or a cup of chowder, corn, cake, or creamed cauliflower cause she’s waiting for the dinner bell to do the bell thing, dinner bell dinner bell ring!

I would be such an extraordinary/patient mother if I didn’t have kids.

Just looking at a magazine with Halle. I was so flattered when she called the beautiful girl in the picture “mommy!” until I turned the page and she called the next beautiful girl “daddy!”

Oh ya! Bruce Lindsay is officially my new favorite News Anchor! He decided to jump on board the Haiti Ball on Saturday and D.J. the event!

Anyone that can possibly come, please do. We are putting together a great event for an awesome cause! AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO DANCE!! Come on, do you think Jon can dance? All I reme

Is jumping up and down at the thought of my high school buddies taking a trip in April. Watch out.. the lauging may be heard from 500 miles away!

Just realized I’m not having hot flashes, it’s my cars climate control …phew!

oves how Halle just explained hunger. ” look mom there are spiders in my belly, I’m REALLY hungry!”

Love is handing someone a gun and letting it point to your head, believing that he won’t pull the trigger. *Spongebob*

Nothing better than my Halle leaning over and whispering in my ear, “mommy, you’re my very best friend.”

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” Mark Twain

I STILL can’t figure out how I look up how to spell a word in the dictionary if you can’t spell it.

just googled google…nuff said.

“keep your face to the sun and you won’t see the shadows.” Helen Keller

Halle just told me “her BROTHER came into her room last night and told her she isn’t going to school today, she is going to the beach!” WHAT THE…!?!

“It is either madness or brilliance, it is remarkable how often those two shreds coincide.”

Just saw a “bump it” so high it looked like the chick had a tumor.

‎”In all of life, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” Gordon B. Hinckley

‎14 years of marriage, 16 years of dating, only one more year until I’ve been with Jon as long as I wasn’t! WEIRD 8)

“Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them.” Dr. Seuss (See why I love the man?? Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!)

“you are SO cute Halle!”

“thanks mom, your a freak.”…

I’m trying to figure out if she trying to say this or something that rhymes 

According to Ella, her nose is drooling.

Just leaving the Cayman Islands…AHHH NO words to describe this kind of beauty OR relaxation. I thought this color of water was only on post cards!

can only watch the video’s of myself being hypnotized with one eye open. Try your luck…. hahahaha 🙂

Is sorely missing the 20 eyelashes I ripped out of my head. Note to self: Don’t curl lashes on a cruise!

Ella taught me today that a boy will let you butt in line if you let him play with your hair. She is too smart for her age.

Watching me pick out soccer equipment is like watching Mike Tyson do a pirouette.”

Do, or do not – there is no Try – Yoda.

t is always easier to visualize the beauty and greatness held in others, than to capture it within oneself (deep thoughts by Janae 🙂

“Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life,” Brooke Shields

SHOUTS as I jump up and down: GIRLS TRIP!!!!! If only you could all be flies on the cabin walls as we laugh until we pee!

“Mr. Man on the scooter: I know you think you look oooober cool without your shirt on, but nobody looks cool on a scooter.”

Is trying to drag myself out of bed after a four day, non-stop fun reunion with my childhood girl friends. My stomach is ripped from laughing so hard, my eyes feel sandy from the lack of sleep, and the memories made are nothing less than priceless!

Is having mini heart attacks visualizing Jon and I starting flight traing Sunday!

Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Whitney just let me know that all the boys at Forever 21 are wearing “guyliner”.

After Brighton got dressed accidentally in Kinley’s pants today, she yelled “GREAT! Now I look like Nephi!”

There is something so strange to me about finding an “Iron Man” advertisement/prize IN my lunch meat. Cereal boxes-fine, meat-not fine.

My favorite part of Mother’s Day was hearing all of my kids yell at each other countless times, “STOP FIGHTING, IT’S MOTHER’S DAY!!”

Wants a perfume that smells like new carpet.

Yesterday while I was in the shower, my 3 year old made herself a bag of popcorn and warmed up some pizza. Some would call DCFS and others would tell me I’ve done a good job teaching her how to be resourceful.

Just used all the dollar bills in my daughters wallet for lunch. Man I’m a crappy mom 

The wheelers are all loaded in the trailer with care, in hopes that the sand dunes won’t have mud there.

With jon holding an umbrella and I in my rain slick, I knew right a way this must be a trick!

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” William Arthur Ward

I’d rather be an optimist who is sometimes wrong than a pessimist who is always right

(yes it’s 2am and I can’t sleep!! Jon gave me a dayquil way too late and I obviously can’t handle the caffeine)

‎”A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. ” – Herm Albright

Just saw one of my Native Honey bags on T.V. “So you think you can dance!” Too bad it was a girl that was cut that had it 🙁 I would have voted for her for sure!

Is scared to start boot camp in the a.m. Why do I get myself into these torturous kinds of things? Oh ya, because I’m crazy!

Mat “The Trainer” kicks my butt 10x worse than Jillian *sorry girl*

The dress I wore today has shoulder pads. I don’t know quite how I feel about that yet.

is still laughing that I gave my mother in law an ash tray from the Myan ruins, thinking it was a beautiful plate for her wall…

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Is the biggest extroverted introvert at times. Do I need a therepist?

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” -John Muir

Parenting tip by Jon: if the kids are fighting in the back seat, just turn the radio up so loud they can’t hear each other scream. It tunes it out well for us also. Mission accomplished.

Hmm, trying to swallow the thought of being on a United Way commercial. I speak freely with friends (and the interview I was invited to)…not so well when a live camera is on me. I may just be fired for the first time!

A day without sunshine is like, well, night.

Loves when I realize I have glasses on my head AND on my face.

Watersking, illegal fire works and “Eclipse” all in one day! Theres nothing like Wyoming, “yipahhh!”

Is still laughing at the six (accidental) mile hike with 10 kids on the top of the Tetons at Teton village. Dang snow made it so we had to turn around at the end and go all the way back 

Best solution for very sore waterski muscles: waterski again in 55 degree weather (outside) no guess for the water temp. Numb the pain!!

For what avail the plough or sail, or land or life, if freedom fail? ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Harry: Yeah I called her up, she gave me a bunch of crap about me not listening to her, or something, I don’t know, I wasn’t really paying attention.

WHO ORDERS $180 of ice cream from the schwan’s guy?! Oh that’s right, my husband.

Doesn’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

‎”Why do zits always wait until the worst possible day to surface? I swear there is a colony underground with a captain that says, “ok guys, wait… Wait… Hold…NOW!”

Has a whole new appreciation for actors. It’s WAY harder than it looks, kind of like my muscles 😉

Pray for me as I embark on my first ride on my plane to Idaho landing on a small strip in the wilderness. I feel sad because I’m going to a friends funeral, happy because we can make it, and scared because well, I’m scared 🙂

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, which is why it is called “present!!!”-kung fu panda

I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.

Is having major flashbacks as I sit in the Pineview campground of all the fun/crazy times spent here! I love it!

Likes to enable herself.

loves the Old Spice Man..and his smell 

Atlanta Georgia here I come! If any of my peeps out there have gold or diamonds to sell we now are open for business to buy it. ALSO if you are looking to buy a wedding ring (or know someone who is for a 10% referral on purchase) we can beat any price guaranteed with custom or ordered settings.

It costs nothing to say something kind, even less to shut up altogether.

Insists on cooking everything on high, no matter the outcome.

This is your brain on drugs, this is your brain in Arizona’s amd Atlanta’s heat, any questions?

‎”Mom, is the guy who owns Toys R Us dyslexic?” after seeing the R turned backwards on the sign. I love how Brighton thinks

Why do I feel like I am forgetting to do something here on fb? I have nothing to say and nobody I want to stalk. good bye.

Note to self: don’t let a 3 year old help cook, you may just get playdoygh in the enchiladas, and it’s a crap shoot which family member will eat it cause I ain’t makin’ somthing else!

e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. happens for a reason.

There’s magic in the air. Can you feel it? I love this time of year as the air cools, the leaves change colors, the fall decorations go up and the kids get ready for school. Some moms cry…not I. You’ll find me baking pumpkin cookies and planning our annual Halloween party!

“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.” Buddha

Is walking for a cause to fight Juvenille Diabetes on this beautiful Saturday morning, add that 2 the birth of Kinley + 1 niece = a pretty fabulous day!

Has a hard time wearing flats because I feel like the rock monster on “Wizard of OZ” 2 when he shows that he is wearing Dorthy’s red sparkily shoes.

‎”Tigers Blood Snowie, I love you.”

‎”Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.” — Groucho Marx

“A soccer mommy just told me I had to sit on the opposite side of the field in case the game got too heated. Really? We are talking 8 year olds here..”

Needs nanny McPhee’s cane. Think I could find one on eBay?

I palindrome I

Guys, if you’re gonna ride a motorcycle, get one proportionate to your body, and for heavens sake, wear a helmet. Coming to you from mama moss.

Yes, I have been wearing pants all day that still have an attachment on the leg that was supposed to ensure I didn’t rip them off.

How is it that road biker men shave their legs better than I can after 20 years of practice?!

got dressed, realized my clothes were too small, became depressed and ate a ton of Ben and Jerry’s, then figured out they were my daughters clothes.

‎”If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

Was commanded to buy beans, rice, and wheat. Who’d have thought the “Emergency Preparedness” backpack would come in so handy! It was an emergency I swear.

ust saw the promotional video United Way filmed of me and all I can say is, it’s a good thing the film crew can edit so well AND it’s no wonder actors become anorexic.

If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is “God is crying.” And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is “Probably because of something you did.” (Jack Handy)

‎”Have you ever put deodorant on BEFORE you took off the plastic jaggedy protective cover? I have, and it hurts!”

Is rolling in laughter as I listen to Jon try and fix the shower. He sounds like the dad on “A Christmas Story” when he attempts to fix their furnace.

Brighton just informed me that she plans on serving a mission wherever pistachios are grown so she can eat them as she preaches the gospel.

Finds it ironic that I’m sitting here watching the kids I brought into this world, ride spinning rides that make me sick, because i gave birth to them.

shouldn’t have taught her kids the word “shart”.

Halle my THREE year old, just let me know she would like all of Strawberry Shortcakes music on “her IPOD.”

Deep thoughts by Brighton: “I plan on buying a jacked up UHAUL truck because they are beautiful, have good shocks, and I could keep my bloodhound in the back.”

Loved the unexpected comment from the pizza man…”you are very bright, you stand out and Brighten the room.” ummmm is that a GOOD thing I asked? I must look like a lamp. What wattage am I runnin’ anyway?

Smiles ear to ear as I listen to Halle Bug sing “Soul Sister”

Yes, I giggled at the lady that honked at me (because she didn’t want to let me merge) and then got into an accident a mile down the road.

Just adopted a 19 month old son 🙂

looks like the walking dead after 2 sleepless nights, as I follow my new boy around the house…BOY. I am truly still in shock!

Look at these perfect lashes…!! Jon actually asked me if we were supposed to trim them. No, Jon it’s not like nose or eyebrow hairs!

has never answered so many questions about the human anatomy.

Dear Iceberg, I’ll never forgive you for teaching my kids that corn dogs should be crispy.

Never thought she’d be using her iPhone light to check for a poopie diaper at 11:30 at night.

‎”People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.” – Leo J. Burke

Today when Ella walked in on Brighton getting dressed, she yelled, ” I NEED MY PRIVATE SEE!!”

Halle is convinced that the metal container in the women’s bathroom stall is for throwing away peed in underwear.

Is now a 35 year old mother in law. Two new sons in one week!! That’s right, syd’s engaged!

‎”mom, I am NOT going into Victorias Secret with you. The images in the window are disturbing!”

“Expecting the spectacular, one may not be fully alerted to the constant flow of revealed communication” Spencer W. Kimball

Needs a little multiplicity.

Has so much on my mind, I’m actually forgetting to chew my gum.

Life is a journey to be enjoyed, not I’ll be happy when’s….

Never thought I would have. a son that opens up the fridge, pulls out broccoli, smells it, says “mmmmmm” and hides it in his room. Life is full if surprises!

‎”ooooo! I’m so mad!” why Bug? “because my cheeks hurt from smiling too much!!”

Ten blistered toes. That’s what you get when you run on the treadmill barefoot for an hour.

Was just looking at a picture of a beautiful girl in a magazine, admiring perfect hair makeup and skin. Halle leaned over to look and said, “ooo gross! That girl is fake!” we all have something to learn from my 3 year old.

Good news? I am going repelling and hiking in Moab Saturday! Bad news? My hubby would rather fly me down in our small plane, than trust me to drive alone.

I loved my new boots until I saw “Jessica Simpson” on the box… Then I thought, “I should have bought the green converse

Just realized that every time I say, “kids, get your back pack.. Or where is your back pack?Halle asked me if I was mad. This morning she finally yelled, “MOM!! QUIT SAYING BUTT CRACK!”

Halle has a “acre head”. I believe I must have an “acre head” also.

finds it ironic that i covet old women’s vintage temple bags…

I’ve played turkey dumb now for 15 years so Jon makes the bird. Ok ok, one year (the only year I made the turkey) I cooked it with the innards still in-cavity. Women.., this will solve the problem! Now I can focus on mashed potatoes and other side dishes that dont involve pulling the heart and neck out of the hopeless fowl.

‎1 for my honey’s, 2 for the snow, three to get ready, and four to go! (sleigh riding that is..)

There is nothing… I repeat NOTHING like driving 5 hours in a snow storm, with six kids in tow… I have so much pent up irritated energy, I could run home.

With fronds like these well, who needs anemones?

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Who was that rapper that shaved a line in his eyebrow??…yea, I look like him.

What kind of mom asks her toddlers to go jump on the bed?? Oh ya, my kind.

was just called a weenie. Guess I would do the same if my mom told me I couldn’t have candy before breakfast.

Just told Jon I was going to pay to have a star named after my friend and me, and the kids because it’s special….and he laughed at me for 15 minutes. He is still laughing. I’m quite sure he will never stop *and I quote* “If that company can rip people off for 50 bucks a star, I can sell diamonds!!”

Holy crapamoly, I won an ipad!! Merry Christmas to me!!

has to look at Justin Beiber every time I get on the kids computer. He is smiling at me, winking at me…and making me feel like a Cougar. Oh and for your convenience I looked up the exact definition: A woman aged 40 years or old who preys on

younger men. During a hunt, she can often be spotted by her leopard

print outfit, which makes 

“Mommy! I love mandy’s dog because everytime I see her she misses me so much, she hugs my leg… Won’t let go… And wiggles her tail up and down!!”

ripped out the seam on my new dress for syd’s wedding…guess I am one size in America and another in China…

Loves when I go to squeeze a zit and realize it’s pizza sauce! It’s like finding ten dollars in my pocket.

I just called my favorite Thai food place and told them I wanted the jon special. Pretty pathetic there was no description needed 8)

Is going to see my mother and sister perform with the salt lake symphonic choir with their glorious Ariel voices. You see, I reside in the shallow end of the gene pool barking a note here, a note there, a note every where 🙂

Never knew I could cough so hard I would tear a disc…?!

Both Native Honey AND Diamonds by Donna were invited to put things in the Emmy’s and Golden globe award gift bag in the same week! When it rains it pours and when it shines it blazes 🙂

After telling Brighton she could only watch “I am legend” AGAIN (with my edits) if she could use her words and give me 3 good reasons. She said, 1-he has a great friendship with his dog. 2- he has courage to fight for the future and 3. It is gospel related, because one of the ladies in the movie says “God told me there Is a safe place in Vermont”

‎”True Grit” just made it to my top favorite movies of all time list.

What a year. I’m ready for another one about now.


A lot of random thoughts when all smashed together!!