I reside in the shallow end of the gene pool.

I am actually quite comfortable there and didn’t mind much until I watched my sister and mother perform with the Salt Lake Symphonic choir a few nights ago. Then I wondered why I didn’t get those genes…you know the singing ones.

They sounded like Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”.  I could almost see their hair swooshing in the waves as I watched them.  I would pay good money to see them in shells and sport a tail.  It was beautiful, but I was right where I should have been, sitting on the cold hard benches.  

That’s right, I don’t sing….I mean I sing but not well enough to make it into a professional choir.  I do however vibrato quite nicely in the shower or with my really loud radio.  It’s OK, I love them and they love me.  I have a face for the radio, and a voice for writing.  

I love watching choirs for many reasons. 

  •  I love how the music fills your soul with rejuvenation and calmness at the same time.  
  • I find it very entertaining to watch the conductor do their jig
  • Listening to all the different parts and how they come together makes me happy

But most of all I LOVE watching the faces of the people. 

 Some are calm and could almost pass for sleeping while others are so intent I’m afraid their eyeballs might just pop out and roll across the floor and hit my shoe.  Some look as if they are telling a story and others distract me because I am sure they would make the best cartoon character if they were just given the chance.  Really, I want to start sketching…if I could only sketch.

An then, there is my perfect sister and mother who get it all right.  They are engaged but calm, pleasant and beautiful all at the same time. And so I beam…I beam because I am proud 

*it is possible to sit in the shallow end of the gene pool and still be proud*

The cutest part of the night was when I heard Little Jon humming to the music.  This is my man, the man that listens to talk radio.  He used to jam out toACDCin the 80’s on his mega sound system that rattled old ladies windows and dentures as he drove down the road.   Now he listens to love songs after dark and business skillsCD’s.  He didn’t even know who Elvis was until he had hit puberty.  Just ask me how I ended up with a guy like that…?  I still don’t understand.  I was dancing to “Be my Teddy Bear” at age 5 in my PJ’s with my siblings for fun.

wow….back to my point

Little Jon hummed.

It was so cute.  I’m not saying it was on tune but it was sincere.  How do I know you ask?  Well I said, “Cute, you are humming :)” and he said, “I was?”  

I think he caught us both by surprise. It must have been the Christmas spirit getting to him.

Little Jon has always been so sweet with Grandma’s.  He always holds their arm as they walk, he jumps up to get their doors or help them to their car with their groceries.  The first time he brought me flowers

 *and I slammed the door in his face because it freaked me out but that is a different story* 

it was because he was at the florists already getting some flowers for his Grandma Ginny.  That’s why when I saw him with my Grandma at the concert I had to snap a pic.

My brother Scott and my sweet nephew Carter were even able to make it!! Carter just had two surgeries on his heart only a few months ago!  He is doing SO well and was even able to get rid of hid oxygen tank for the first time ever! His little lips are pink now instead of bluish and he has so much energy!  

That is the best Christmas present ever!!

My beautiful *Reece Witherspoonlook a like* sister in law had her baby only a few weeks before Carter went into surgery…How that woman does it, I will never know.

but as you can see, she produces darling kiddos!

The amount of pictures we took may have been overkill, but we all knew it was rare to all be together at the same place and the same time.  This is my mom, grandma, and sister

 *that is due in 3 weeks!* And then Little Jon had me jump in also.

Amy and Haily, Mom, Grandma, Camille, me, AuntJaneneand cousin Kelsey.

People tell me a lot that I look like my aunt.

This smile is priceless after all this little guy has been through!  He has had to replace his internal pacemaker several times and had countless surgeries changing the how his whole heart functions.  It is unbelievable what the doctors and a lot of prayer can do.

Miracles happen all throughout the year, not just at Christmas time.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!