I came across an amazing blog post today that 

I have to share.

It goes to show what amazing things can be done on the internet.  After giving away the diamond necklace on Friday, I was so happy for the winner but so frustrated that I didn’t have more to give.  After reading the post by “The Blogess” I immediatley wanted to jump in.  I plan on offering 10 people $30.00  gift cards to Amazon.  The following is a quote from Blogess so you understand what is going on.

“If you’re struggling for money right now and don’t know how you’ll give your kids presents then leave me a comment.  You don’t have to use your real name or leave a url or prove anything.  Just leave me a comment and your email address (always hidden and never used) and I’ll email a $30 Amazon gift card to the first twenty people who leave a comment explaining why it would make a difference in their lives right now.”

If you took the time to read her blog post you would have seen that after her gift cards were gone, there were hundreds of other people that started offering to give $30 to the people that entered after number 20.  It is crazy what has transpired and even though we are almost out of time, I wanted to take a small part in her cause.  


So go ahead and enter a comment if you really need the help to give your kids a present and if you don’t need the money you could offer to help someone else or go to sub for santa and sponsor a family.  It has been a rough year for everyone in this economy. 

*which I believe is starting to turn around*

Merry Christmas!

{It is high time I started Christmas shopping…}