Bwahahahah….hahaha….Ok, THIS my friends is why I don’t VLOG!

The good new is that I WON an IPAD from!!

The bad news is that the only thing they wanted from me was to take a video of me opening it.  There is not much to say…other than watch it and, well it’s OK to laugh. 

 It is my life, it is me.  

Please don’t ask what the HECK I am doing with my eyes when I turn the camera on me.  My kids tease me all the time because before I take a picture I move my eyes a lot because I don’t like it when I have a cheesy “camera smile” so I keep talking…moving…whatever.  

{Maybe that is what I am doing here…and maybe I’m just crazy.  I thought about filming it again and realized I couldn’t because you have to open it on the video and I already had.  I warned myself not to show me, but once again I ignored the voice}

The way I won was pretty crazy also. 

 I bought all of the flower girl dresses for Rooz’s wedding on this site and was automatically entered!  I didn’t even know until I got the call.  I had actually put the email in my trash telling me that I won because I didn’t believe it.  I pulled it out of my discarded emails when I got the call from China and about died!!

Yea!! It will be used.

AND by the way, I had never heard of this store until I searched for flower girl dresses and linked to their site.  The dresses came and are BEAUTIFUL and great quality.  They also had great prices.  I also bought a dress from this site for the reception the night of the wedding.  My dress came also and was breathtaking but when I went to show it off to Little Jon, I didn’t take off my pants and just assumed it would go over my butt.

Well it didn’t.  

That’s right….it stuck on the big part and I heard a 


Little Jon just looked at me with HUGE eyes and said, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF AND IT MIGHT FIT!!”

The truth is, it wouldn’t have mattered if my pants were off. 

 The dress didn’t fit.

Now that is a great way to go into the holiday season!!  I forced the flippin’ thing over my bootie with some sort of dance and ordered Little Jon to “do it up!” in the back.  He was quiet for a minute and then leaned around my shoulder and just looked at me helplessly…

“WHAT?  Do it up!”

“ummmm, honey I don’t think I …. can”

Part of me felt sorry for him and the other part wanted to hit him.  

He started to try.

“Well, if we move this hook over here a few inches…and you stand like this…or well, um if we just cinched this a little looser it might work…?”

The idea was sounding alright until we made it up to the chestal area.  

“NOPE, sorry hun, it ain’t happening.”

So I tore the dang thing off and ordered a 10, and the next day I was still worried about it so I ordered a 12!  I have formal gowns anywhere from a size 2 to an 8, so I was sure the 8 would work but now I am thinking that the sizing in China may be a teensy tinsy bit different.  That, or Ben and Jerry are becoming too close of friends.

So without further delay…. the video.

And now for the winner of the diamond heart necklace!  

I LOVED “meeting” all of you on Facebook and seeing the pictures of your beautiful families.  It made the blogging thing more real.  I saw some friends from the other side of the screen. 

 Thank you.

  Thank you for your sweet notes and your introductions.  It has made the holiday spirit for me.  The pictures showing your families, your loved ones, your animals….your spirit.  

 Be sure to check out the pictures on my Pink Moss facebook wall…they are sure to bring a smile to your face!  I had the hardest time reading all of the stories and not wanting to give EVERYONE a necklace!  Who knows, maybe someday I can… But for now, I had to pick one and her name is:

Carole Berbaum!

I don’t know her, but I am sure she will enjoy winning the necklace and wear it proudly or give it away if she chooses.  I hope she will take a picture of it on whoever gets it and send it to me so I can share it with you!