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We just wrapped up another whirlwind weekend here at Pink Moss.

My cousin/friend/everything flew in on Thursday night to spend a few days getting pictures of Rooz for your Bridal shots and to take pictures of our RBM Christmas party.  It was such a great excuse to fly her in for a few days to catch up and get a few laughs in.  That’s what I miss most about Mandy, our laughs.  We can laugh for hours, yet talk about nothing.

It takes a long time to grow an old friend.

The Bridal shots are TOO DIE FOR, but I can’t show them to you for obvious reasons.  We wouldn’t want Scottie sneaking to see them or anything before the big day

 *January 8th, 2011*

The Christmas party was a raging success again, how wouldn’t it be with prizes such as big screen t.v.’s being given away, laptops, ipods, video recorders, trips and paid days off work *and a bonus*?  Yes, we try to spoil our main management.  They work very hard and we couldn’t pull off what we do with our company if it weren’t for them.  We had about 75 people there and we celebrated at Noah’s, the same place we had our Bridal shower for Scottie and Rooz.  

We saw three shows while she was here for 3 days!  

Tangled (which was darling) the part I saw anyway.  Handsome made it through 10 minutes and became bored so I had to take him home, put him to bed and drive back and get them.

The new Narnia movie was also great!  I love to see how they portray books I have read. We also went and saw The Tourist *I think it was called* with Johny Dep and Angelina Jolie.  It seemed pretty good through my eyelids.  Yep, I fell asleep.  It started late and I was exhausted.  

And now for the sad sad sad news.

I put it off as long as I could, but it is inevitable.

Our very good friend died on Friday.  Zach Ellison.  

Little Jon grew up across the street from him and he was a brother to him.  He hunted with him, played with him, and became a part of their entire family.  He called his mom “mom” and has felt part of them since he was little.  I was automatically “adopted” into their family when I started dating Little Jon because they were his family also.  

To make things even worse, this is the same family that we visited a few months ago at Mack’s Inn for the last funeral we attended. I don’t know how much pain one family can go through.. I really don’t.  I believe things happen for a reason, but sometimes we are just subject to the world around us.  We have the choice how we will deal with our problems, but it doesn’t always make sense.  The mother and father of the Ellison clan are quite remarkable also.  You would NEVER guess they were going through so much grief.  They are always the ones building people up around them.  

These two funerals are just a tip of the iceberg.

The list of their trials goes on and on….but it isn’t my place to start listing.

Please pray for them.  

When we found out, I was just in shock and read the text to Little Jon as we stood in my room. He went white and couldn’t even talk.  I held him as he sobbed out loud for a space of time….

that stood still. 

 I hate feeling so helpless.  There is nothing I can do or say to ease the pain for him.  I hurt and love Zach also, but my memories don’t run as deep.  Rooz and Mac stood in the next room and cried because they aren’t used to hearing their dad cry.  After a while he pulled himself together “To be strong when he called all the family”.  I told him that crying wasn’t a sign of weakness, but of strength and depth.  

He heard, I don’t know if he listened and then let me know he would still be coming to watch us take pictures of Rooz at the state capital.  It was a special day and he didn’t want his sadness to stop a moment in time that wouldn’t ever be back. He did end up showing up and we were happy he did. 

Old train

Zack is very young to loose his life.

Sometimes people come into your life and then leave, just like we get on and off a train.  

They sit by us for a time traveling in the same direction and we share a piece of life with them.  We make memories and journey together and then one day they get off our train.  It doesn’t mean they are gone forever but that our ride together on this earth is over.  Some stay a long time, and some are short.  There are several people in my life that this happened with.  They are gone…some have passed on and others are just not on my train anymore.  

All we can do is be grateful for the time we had together.  

Zack battled with drugs for many years and it finally took the best of him.  Some people can dance with death and then step back, others can never pull themselves free.  I have seen this struggle with loved ones that are very close to me.  There are no words to describe the bondage that comes with drugs.  None.  Maybe someday I will expound on all of my pent up thoughts and feelings on the subject, but not today.  It isn’t time yet.  The ropes that tie the user extend around all that love the victim.  It strangles bit by bit each day until your breathe is taken from you mentally…and physically.

Unfortunately for all, Zack was stuck.  

He didn’t do it to hurt anyone…drugs rarely are.  He did it out of survival, trying to feel normal.  Little Jon feels guilty that he didn’t do more to help him.

{Although he did more than I could ever share}

and Zack will be a guardian angel to all that he left behind.  

So, we will be away for the funeral in Idaho for the next few days.  Last time we flew there on our little plane, but we don’t trust the weather this time of year and we will also be bringing Handsome.  He does really well with the girls but there are some times when he is inconsolable to all but me. 

I am sure my blog will sit vacant for a few days.

I will be deep in thought and reflection as I face this part of my life that is raw.  I am pretty good at tucking pain away until….something like this rips the scab off and it stings.  I will be hugging a family that is so saddened but I know they will have a hope in their eyes that Zack is happy where he is.  For he has finally found a freedom that he hasn’t felt for years.  

Heaven will be a relief for him and his tired soul.

We love you Zack.