I love my girls…all of them.

They are all so unique and shine in different areas.  Sprite asked me to blog yesterday so I signed in for her and let her at it.  I had no idea what she planned on writing about until I came back and it was finished. I think after reading this you will have a new love for 

Sprite just like I did!

What a doll….oh and if you want to comment, her link is on the right side of my

 blog under Sprite.

People may think I’m weird for saying this but i think its wrong!

By law when you walk into the airport you have to get searched a certain way.

What you have to do is let them take pictures of you naked.

I mean who would like to do that honestly?

    My teacher even said that is wrong.

He would give us 500 extra credit points if when i was being searched i said,

“do you know what the 8th bill of right is , well it says that you can’t do any

 suspicious searches”.

I can just see her face.

I want to do that really badly .

But that just makes me feel uncomfortable.

I mean that is the worst if yo have to go and let them see you naked

right in front of you.  that just makes me so mad contacted me if you feel the same way!!

She is speaking of the new xray things you go through at the airport of course.

They are pretty intrusive and Sprite isn’t the only one against them.  Afterall, where do they stop?

When is it enough?

What she is talking about of course are the new x ray machines being used in the airport.

It is outrageous to think that government can impose this to people as they travel.  It is sad to think it has come to this.  I know they are trying to protect what is being taken on the plane…but this in my opinion goes too far.

What do you think? Would you rather feel safe getting onto a plane because you knew everyone has been strip searched, or take some chance and keep your privacy?

Here is a link for more information on the technology.