I was laying in bed with Little Jon last night and informed him 

that I was purchasing a star.  That’s right…. a STAR.  I explained how it was sentimental

and beautiful to buy a star for someone and put their name on a certificate.  I explained how it even It comes with star charts and everything so your significant other can look into the sky and feel loved.I told of my plans to buy one for my kids, and my friend that is having a birthday …and even 

him if he liked the idea as much as I did.

The romantic part of me screamed…

“DEAL! A Star for $20.00!”

I was so proud of my find and the deep thought that had gone into my decision.  

{and then it happened}


The gut busting


hard to breath

side splitting

kind that you can’t help join in on.  

Yes, he was laughing…at me not with me, at my idea, and at the idiotic

people that fall into that trap every day.  

“WHAT A BUSINESS PLAN!!” he heaved

“NO OVERHEAD, except for the star of course”

“No service, no stress, no upkeep, just a photocopy of the star charts.”


“They probably only print out 10 charts and recycle them.”


and I was laughing too.

I guess it was the relief he needed from a VERY stress filled day.  A trip to the

 accountant and learning we owed more in taxes than our first house was worth, balancing budgets for several spread sheets and invoices, an end of year Christmas party we are throwing Saturday that is 

vital for our company, yet a stress in this economy….

yes, I was his happiness

if only for a minute.

So I let it go.

My dream of having a star named “shmonae”

my red cut out heart valentine that was given with chocolate

My roses that bloomed all year round.

My love letter that sung to me every night.

and I laughed with him.

He was right after all.  After doing more searching I realized there were about 15 

companies that had their own records of who had purchased each star and they don’t even share who “Owns” them.  It isn’t illegal…but how is it legal?  

And then he piped in again…much to my chagrin

“Hey Honey, how about I buy you a cloud!  They are soft!”

“Christmas is coming…you like fog…that could be nice.”

“I have an idea, maybe a galaxy would be romantic…”

“I will take a poop in a box and name it after you if you want…”

I laughed some more as I hit his chest.

Good thing he loves me for me…

He says that’s WHY he loves me

{what, when I’m a hopeless romantic  blond that doesn’t stop saying things to make you laugh?”

kind of

oh well, I still love him and his business brain that continued to run numbers on the 

company that has been open since 1978 and sold star after star after star.  He has done

 well for himself, and now I have Little Jon thinking he was in the wrong business.

Then  he finally announced,

 “Well if this guy can sell stars, I sure has heck can sell diamonds!”

and I did it again.

I buoyed him up for another day of work.  Some people don’t think I don’t have anything to do with the businesses but they are wrong.  I pick Little Jon back up after a long day.  I council him, I listen to him, I brainstorm with him and I support him.  I encourage him even after a day of people telling him no or a day that nothing works and he is beating his head against the wall.  This is, you see, my job. The wife of an entrepreneur…the support, even if it’s to be laughed at.

We spent the rest of the night hugging and laughing and I sent him out the door today with my famous line once again {the same as every morning after our prayer}

Go get ’em Tiger!