Women in Philanthropy is an amazing organization that I am a part of.  

It is made up of women *supported by United Way* from all walks of life.  I love being around people like these that set out to make a difference in the community.  It was a night full of life, great food, friends, and a cause.  They raised an amazing amount of money to donate to local foundations in the community, one of them being “Welcome Baby” that my good friend Barbara Leavitt put together.  She has trained women from the community to go visit new born babies…to answer questions, or just be a friend.  I have had the opportunity to go a few times but not as much as I would have liked. 

 I am busy, and help where I can!

I am the ditsy blond in the aqua blue top and white dress….he he

I couldn’t ever find the gong, so I had to feel it with my hand first.  Pathetic, I know!

Also there is a section where I am sitting at the table with two of my daughters and their friends.  

What a night!!