Let’s just say…

Pink Moss will be getting an overhaul done soon!

*and I couldn’t be more excited*

Ever since we added a new little dude to the family, the “Pink Moss” design hasn’t felt quite right.  But don’t your worry or fret, it will be perfect yet!  This is a little sneak peak at the new feel.  I am not sure how long it will take to finish, but it will be worth the wait!

All is quiet in the cabin…finally. 

(because it’s 11:30 at night and everyone is asleep) 

We haven’t had much quiet since we have been here.  It has been jam packed with movies, games, snowmobiling, nintendo wii, sleigh riding, and good food.  There has been a constant jibber and jabber from all…some normal sibling rivalry and toddler disputes, but I have caught a few images that have been burnt into my brain and made it all worth it, like hugs kisses  from the “twins” and actual laughing from kids that sometimes fight…

Often I wonder why I am a glutton for punishment, always.  Whenever life seems to slow down for a mere second, I fill it with something else.  Little Jon may tease me for this little imperfection, but I dare say he does the same *except, it’s with a new business*

I packed for endless agonizing hours to get here as two high energy toddlers followed me around begging/screaming for attention.  After two days of packing

 *that could have been done in 2 hours if I was left alone to do the job* 

I was finished. The kids had been “reminded” an un-countable number of times to “take the bags to the car”, “check that we get enough underwear”, and “do you have your gloves?”.  The car was packed to the rim with pillows, blankets, snacks, clothes, snow gear, and enough estrogen to fuel a small city.  

And we were off!

I about died when we reached only Evanston and spotted the temperature gage that read

13 degrees…flashing back and forth to “ice”.  

It is cold. 

 The caliber of cold that freezes nose hairs as you inhale.  The bitter freezing temperature that wakes up every goose bump on your body and sends shutters through your bones.  “How do people live like this?” I thought as I ran all of the kids into the gas station for yet ANOTHER pee break.  

“Hurry!! We need to get over the mountain passes before the sun goes down…” I heard myself saying as I noticed it was 5:30 and it was beginning to get dark.  

My mind flashed back to a time about 5 years ago when we made it all 4 and a half hours and the snow was coming down so hard and fast that I made Little Jon stop 30 minutes away from the cabin and rent a motel room.  I didn’t feel good about pressing on, even though we were so close to the finish line.  It was a gut feeling…the spirit…however you want to call it, 

but we were stopping.  

When we checked in *at 1:30 a.m.* I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a ELK mounted in the corner above the bed.  The horns were so out of control long that the stretched out half way across the bed.  I had nightmares all night of catching my ear on one of the obtrusive spikes as I made my way to the bathroom in the night.  

All was worth it though, because we were safe.  

Yes, I wanted to hurry and get to the cabin.  The kids actually did quite well, including Handsome which was a success all of it’s own.  It’s a hard ride for little ones strapped in so long.  I remember many times I wished myself away from the ride… “Calgon, take me away…” and I have questioned my decision to drive to the cabin almost every time I have come.  It is a lot.  I feel like I need a vacation from coming after all is said and done, but the memories some how overcome all of the sleepless nights from babies not used to their environment, cousins that are non-stop energy when mixed with each other, and way too late of nights playing cards.  When I look back at the pictures and talk about all the crazy stories of sleigh riding down the shoot or eating “Gunner’s Pizza”, I decide over and over that it is worth all of the craziness to get here.  

We ate a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner here and enjoyed just hanging out.  I had to laugh on Thanksgiving as I realized that we are not a very typical family when it comes to “The Meal”.  Many wives are shooing out the kids and husbands to make their masterpiece meals, but not at Pink Moss.  

Little Jon and I went the store the night before *the night we pulled into town* and bought our food for the next day.  We bought our turkey to make of course and other Thanksgiving day basics.  The difference is that I am NOT the one that cooks the turkey.  I tried that the first year we were married and didn’t know I was supposed to take out the nasty packaged neck and heart from the birds inner cavity before I cooked it…so I didn’t.  

It grossed Little Jon out so bad when he cut into it, he has volunteered to bake the poor fowl every year since.  Call it ignorance…I call it bliss.  I would rather make the mashed potatoes or frog eye salad any day.  There is something extremely nasty to me about a turkey.  Really?  I am supposed to shove my hand up his back side and clean out his organs?  And if I am really good at being a turkey cooker, I rub oil BETWEEN it’s thick stretchy skin and meat?  Then, if I pass that test and actually get the bird baked…I use the turkey fat “drippings” to make the gravy that I poor all over the other “healthy” foods.  

I say call K.F.C.

Anyway, Little Jon did a great job again…and the mashed potatoes were to die for if you ask me.  When all was said and done, our break was perfect.  Perfectly imperfect, just like family vacations are.

We will pack up in the morning and drive home, which takes several hours to clean the cabins and another 5 to drive back just in time to get the kids into bed and start the school week.  

Some of the crazy great things that happened this trip are:

1. Watching the kids pick their outfits at “Old Time Photos”

2.  Catching Noo Noo and Sprite getting along!

3.  Eating way too much Ben and Jerry’s

4.  Watching Little Jon play with all the kids on the sleighs and snowmobiles

5.  Enjoying seeing Handsome experience all the firsts at the cabin

6.  Racing down the sleigh riding hill!

7.  Eating at Merry Piglets … again

8.  Laughing at Scotty rough house with the girls…they need a little *or a lot* of that!

9.  Snowmobiling in the dark up Greys River Road for fun.

10. Watching “A Christmas Carol” to get us in the Christmas mood

Hopefully I can post pictures sooner than later.  I will no doubt be behind when I get home.  I would love to hear from you where you love to vacation with your family, and tricks you have for the car ride if you want to share!

Ta Ta For Now!