Aren’t we all just trying to fly?

Those were the words that went through my mind as I sat and watched little Jon send off toy helicopters into the night sky with the kids after a full day’s work and dinner.

I was exhausted…, he was exhausted.  Good thing he had the energy to have family home evening.  Sometimes we teach principles, and other times we just play.  

This was a play day.

As a mother, I am home all day with the kids.  I love it, although sometimes it feels like I say the same thing 







And then I say it again.

“Yes, but clean  your room first.”

“No, you already had a treat today.”

“Stop fighting.”

“No whining.”

“Did you do your homework?”

and then there are the nice, not soNagycomments.

“I love you.”

“Give me akissy.”

“This little piggy…”

“Do you want bubbles in your bath?”

“Bumble Bee, Bumble bee…”





It’s no wonder why when my hubby comes home, they are ready for a new set of games.  Handsome runs up to him and yells, “DA DA!!” Bug is never far behind.  

He is more to the point than I am, and they know dad means business.  They get used totuningme out, but not dad.  He says it once, and they jump.  We are a good balance for each other.  I often slow him down a bit when he is frustrated, and he helps me stick to my guns.  

We often say, “If we had reversed roles, we would be broke and the kids would be dead.”  Hopefully it wouldn’t be quite that extreme, but our personalities flow well with our day to day agenda.

I know the kids will remember this night forever.  It was one of those special nights when magic was in the air.  It was a crisp fall night, as the sun set and the fallen leaves crunched under our feet as we ran to play outside 

*some of us without shoes*.

And this my friends, is when we told Handsome it was time to come inside because it was pitch black and the mosquito’s were coming out!  

Notice all of the bruises on his head.  This kid runs faster than he has balance…all the time.  All day I cringe as I watch him plummet into certain death.  The door, the wall, the toys…

it is never ending.  

I swear, we don’t beat him!!