*This is a continuation of “The other side of adoption: Part Three

As they hugged in each other’s embrace your new mamma said,

 “You will not regreat your decison. I promise.” 

There were so many things that I was feeling that day as well. I was feeling excited, sad, and I was anxious.  I almost could not wait until we got back outside to have another ciggarette. Then your daddy came in the room and he had bags of boys toys and he was so excited!!!! 

 He even found a metal tonka dump truck, and for us that was amazing becuase everything is plastic now.  You were so excited to see the toys!  You sat in the back of the dump truck and your little sisters pushed you around the house like you owned everything…..

you loved it.  

Then your new mamma took your mamma on a tour of the house so that she could get a feel for how you were going to be taken care of.  

{Life stood still}  

While they were on their little tour and you were getting pushed around in your new little dump truck, I was thinking of you but at the same time myself.  

I was thinking who am I going to watch Wonder Pets with????  

When he is sad I won’t be there to turn on the Sesame Street theme song that was on our DVR.  Who was going to help me unload the dishwasher by standing on it? 

 *I was going to miss all of that*  

When I gave you a bath and we put bubbles in the water you loved to put your little hand in the suds and wipe them on my arm thinking that was so funny. I would rinse them off and you would laugh.  I think the thing that I loved the most is when I would feed you something yummy and you would say mmmmmm because that is what I would do with you.

{Yours Truly}

*The crazy thing is that so many of the things Na Na did with Handsome, I do.  They are things I have done with all of my kids.  The exact things she has mentioned in this, and other posts coming.  We do the piggie toes, itsy bitsy spider, bubbles in the bath, and more.  No wonder it’s been a smooth transition!  It amazes me the more I receive emails the similarities…I even LOVE wonderpets*