Noo Noo is a beautiful dancer…

When I watch her dance, I twitch with muscle memory from days long past when I was the one in the spotlight.  I am pretty sure it was me anyway…it seems so distant now.  

Dancing is a funny thing.  

You work with blood sweat and tears to become better stronger and perfected…for years, and then one day you just don’t dance anymore.  

You become a mother of a dancer, unless you teach dance.  

I love dance!  

It’s such a beautiful way to express yourself, without having to talk.  It is therapeutic and relieves stress.



this is the best way.  

I guess by saying sometimes, I mean *always*…it’s just that I don’t have the same affect on people when they see me dance now.  They used to ooo and ahhh…now they duck and run!  My kids try to give me the benefit of the doubt, that is  until they actually see me try and do a 

pirouette or…

the running man

or the roger rabbit

or moon walk

or the snake

or head bang

or dance to “Walk like an Egyptian”

Then they laugh….uncontrollably.

Let’s face it, the bar has been raised since I danced.  The kids are doing things at the age of 12 that I was trying to perfect as a seventeen year old.

  So, without further delay I have a few pictures from her competition NYCDA held at the Salt Palace a few weeks ago!

She is on the bottom left.

It is so hard telling them apart sometimes with all of their matching outfits!

Here she is the front person sailing across the group of people.  She was quite bugged that her back leg bent a bit this time. I am just completely proud of the fact that she leaps like a deer!

It was fun to get close up pictures of her here.  There was a great photographer that had fabulous equipment and able to zoom in up close, even get their facial expressions!

And last, she performed in a super fun hip hop dance with this group.  

I think the audience had just as much fun as the dancers watching it!!

She is scheduled to compete in NYC next summer!

It should be quite the experience,