I am pleased to interrupt the regularly scheduled program for a much needed comic relief.

I finally had the chance to download the Halloween pictures and have been going through them today…but still haven’t had the time to upload them to photo bucket and then load them onto my blog.  It takes a while when there are a million photo’s to go through.  I also have my Moab trip to work on and various other photos that are on my computer now.  Also, I am in the middle of getting the “other side of adoption: Part 3” ready.  I don’t change it, but I do edit out names for the public blog.

So, instead I want to share a funny story!

A few nights ago Sprite ran down the stairs bawling uncontrollably. 

I was concerned that something happened..something bad.  I gave her hugs and through sobs and crocodile tears she said

“Mom!! I didn’t mean to, I swear!”

“You didn’t mean to….what Sprite?”

“Mom, I didn’t mean to teach Handsome a swear word!!”


“Mom, don’t be mad!! I was eating dinner and I asked Noo Noo to pass the chips, but I accidentally slipped and said the bad word.  The S bad word….MOM, I didn’t mean to!”

{I don’t know if she thought she would be grounded or what, but I started to laugh}

“Sprite, I know you wouldn’t do that on purpose, it’s OK.”


“What do you mean?  I am sure it just sounds like it.”

“NO, MOM….he keeps saying sh8% sh*% sh#* … and that’s why I can’t stop crying.  I didn’t mean to!!!”

“It’s OK, now let’s go eat the rest of dinner and forget it ever happened.”

We walked up together and sat down.  Dinner went on as usual with lots of stories to tell about every one’s day. We call it “Best, funniest, and worst” and we share then every night around the table.  

Handsome was on my left and Bug on my right picking out the veggies and getting to the noodles…the good stuff.  And then I heard it…..




Sprite blurted out as she started to cry again…”SEE MOM!!!”

What else do you do than laugh?  After all, it is a pretty funny first word….OK, not first but it was clear, unlike a lot of other words he tries to say.