Tomorrow, I will be here:


                           lowering myself off this:


Hooked to this:


and seeing this

I will be arriving in the morning on this

because my darling overprotective hubby doesn’t trust me to drive alone in this

Silver BMW 7 seriesĀ  - 3 available

I would say the BMW would be safer, but then again…I do get lost rather easily

 and I will be in the 

 Surreal scenery of the Namib Desert <br>Aerial photograph

and he says there is no 

The iPhone 3G ... more of a work horse and less of a show pony.


I know, most mom’s aren’t doing this sort of thing….but every once in a great while I need to be one with 

and be centered..

and I’m sure I will be doing that pose too and come back with some great photos,

 if I dare let go of the rope for a minute and take them!

What do you think?  Am I crazy?

Maybe you shouldn’t answer that question.

Looks like my comment section isn’t working you can’t.  

*unless you are my facebook friend*

I tried to fix it, and well I guess I did…in some sort of way.