It’s a busy busy day…as usual, but I wanted to let you in on a little secret!

*Handsome’s birth “Na Na” is writing the story of placing him into our home.* 

 I am so excited to share the other side of the story.

I am excited because her story is beautiful also, beautiful in a different way.  It is hard to read…I cry, over and over again when I think of her journey.  But the good news is, she is happy.  Happy and doing better than she has in a long time.  So hang in there…and wait for “The other Side” of adoption.  


I am hoping this will help all the people considering placing their child into another’s home.  I have been contacted by so many people needing support and encouragement on both sides of adoption.  It is a whole story that doesn’t get talked about near enough.  Adoption is a path that is beautiful, hard, emotional, and life changing…for all parties involved.  I have been contacted by people that were involved in Handsome’s life before I knew of his existence.  Other ANGELS that took care of my son before he was placed into my arms.  

They held him,

 loved him,

 bathed him, 

kissed him

 rocked him,

 whispered in his ear and sang of all the love they had for him.  

He was taken care of and loved beyond belief. 

 I owe everything to them…the unsung hero’s of Handsome’s life.  The names that won’t be shared with anyone, until the time is right for everyone.  Know as you read this, you “they” people out there…I pray for your well being and your happiness.  Know that Handsome is in a home full of love, he is adored and taken care of.  He holds my hand every time he falls asleep until I sneak out of his room.  He runs and plays everyday, loves to sing and make “gggrrrrrrr” sounds always.  He runs and jumps into my arms…he knows he is loved.  He knows he is in this place at this time for a reason.  

I understand being on the other side of things.  I was an aunt that raised my niece.  I held her for four years and consoled her through horrific life experiences. 

 I loved her, 

kissed her,

 and told her everything would be alright. 

 I watched her frightened eyes as she tried to swim through life’s currents.  I woke up with her after she had nightmares, I helped her understand it was OK to talk to people that could help.  I watched her physically sick at times from mental stress.  Yes, as I cry and write these words…know that I have been there.  I have been the one that loved and then lost.  Lost because she left.  She is now grown and moving on with her life. She has become a beautiful young lady…but it was hard to let her go back into the wolves after I gave her my everything.

To all of Handsome’s Angels out there.  I cry for you.  I know you miss him, I know you love him through an unfulfilling blog that I write.  I know that you must want to hold him…I know.  Our family thanks you with everything we have.  

We thank you for letting him go, to give him more.  

Thank you.