For this “wordless Wednesday” I want to see if you can find how Handsome has been added into my site :)) Part of it is obvious, and the other part makes me die laughing every time I see it.  I didn’t even notice it when my brother made the changes for me!

On the fourth day Handsome was here, I took him along with Bug and my sister in laws family to Thanksgiving Point.  We have a season pass there and take advantage of it when we can.  I don’t get there as often as I would like, but every once in a while it happens.  I especially wanted to go because Heather is only here a few times a year.  If I could have asked someone for advice before I did it, I wouldn’t have gone.  

We had a great time but Handsome and I were both exhausted and I was trying to jump back into my busy schedule without realizing how hard it would be.  This day was a transition for me because when we got home I started to explain how tired I was to Heather and I started to cry.  I felt helpless…like I couldn’t help him when he woke up scared at night.  As I have said before it is now better but if I could go back, I would have taken it a bit easier.  After this day we hung out at home for the past few weeks just getting into our own new normal.  So really, if I were to give advice I would say take it really low key for about a month.  I feel like he is more stable now and would enjoy getting out more now.  Things like the park were fine because  it was just us, but taking him to places with a lot of people was hard for him I think.  He couldn’t talk but he haddiareahand was processing so much.

Bottom line, I will be with him for the rest of my life…we don’t need to smash it all in the first week.  That’s the advice I would give others of newly adopted kids.  It is just hard because you want all the family to meet them and to experience fun memories with them…bond.  Bonding should happen at home the first bit, that’s what I learned.  If I went back though, I laugh thinking that I may not want to listen to my own advice!

Handsome was good a minute and then he wanted down.

I told you he was fast!

First we grabbed a bite to eat at their deli

and then started checking out the dinosaurs.  

Handsome just ran around and growled the whole time..such boy thing to do!

Hmm, wonder what is happening under the blankie…?

After we walked through the first part of the exhibit, we played in the hands on sand river with plastic dinosaurs to play with.

After we washed our hands off in the fountain, which I believe was Handsome’s favorite part.  He loves playing in the water.

Thanksgiving Point also has a digging area where they can take little brushes into the sand pit and dig up fake bones.

Overall it was a beautiful day and I loved getting to spend time with Heather’s family before they left to California.  

Thanks for hanging out Heather!! 

*and thanks for being a listening ear when I needed to vent*