Iwoke up today…well in a daze. 

 I am sick, Handsome is sick, Bug is sick, and Noo Noo, and Mack, and Jon..It hasn’t hit us all but I think the seasons are changing and it always seems to happen.  Maybe this is the reason I am thinking so deeply, so early in the morning.  Maybe it’s because there is newly dusted snow covering the beautiful mountains of Utah.  It somehow quiets everything somehow…a blanket of peace.

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer…I love all of the seasons but there was nothing like the hike I took on Tuesday.  The birds had all flown south for the winter and all the little critters have found their safe haven for the winter months approaching. I took these pictures with my iphone…so forgive the graininess..still worth the look!

Blogging is definitely an *extra* right now as I chase little Handsome around the house.  He loves his sisters and keeps us all a hoppin’!  This post alone *so far* has been written over three days!  

Last night I met Nie Nie.  I wasn’t expecting it, which made it even that much more exciting…poor woman, I didn’t want to frighten her.  I am sure she is tracked down by any and all that know of her in our community.  

We were both invited to an open house in Stone Brook.  Someone is trying to sell a house..(or should we call it what it really is).a mansion The realator had a little get together to show it.  I had actually found the house on accident a few months ago on ashlee raubach’s site 

*the one that took our family pictures* 

and showed Jon the pictures of itthe same night he told me we were going to an open house! We realized it was the same house we both were talking about…pretty random! 

Anyway, the house is 14,000 square feet and decorated by the owners andAlice Lane.  I also know the owners of Alice Lane, and they are  the nicest, most humble people ever.

Seriously beautiful..every detail.  

I was walking upstairs and sawNieNiego into the kids bedroom.  I told Jon I had to meet her because she is amazing.  We walked up and introduced ourselves.  I said, 

“I know you must get this all the time, but I read your blog and your story is amazing.  I feel like I already know you…and you have no idea who I am..”. 

 She was very sweet and gave me a hug.  Jon let her know that my blog was getting pretty big..*cough cough*..I laughed.  You can’t compare me to someone that has at least 200,000 readers…you just can’t.  Anyway I was flattered and told her thank you. Thanks for the amazing person she is.  Her husband “Mr. Nielson” was also there and so sweet.  They are amazing people and in a wierd way, they glowed…don’t take this wrong it is a good thing.  They are angels on earth 🙂

On another random note…a few pictures from today:

Seriously…I looked away from 10 minutes as I worked on laundry and Bug came out with Halloween painted all over her face.  Monkey painted “a butterfly”.  I would have guessed an Avatar or a smurf.  I actually did and offended her….and Handsome, well as you can see he helped me with the laundry.  

Never a dull moment, never.