It’s funny sometimes how I can be so open on my blog, yet so guarded.  

Blogging is an interesting thing.  People share parts of themselves on a blog, and some people reading it think this is their whole life. It always takes me back when I hear a comment from someone like,

“Your life is perfect.” or “you just haven’t been through a lot…you are lucky.” It’s just that I have chosen to share parts of my life that are open for viewing.  

Realize, that as I type I am guarded.  It is not my place to jump on my blog and spill all.  The hardest things…aren’t shared, or written about.  Maybe this is right, maybe it is wrong…but it is how I choose to blog.  The really hard “stuff” usually brings in a lot of people, people that haven’t been asked to be written about *sometimes my kids*.

 SO, I stay safe…but believe it or not I have my own bag of stresses.

I appreciate the sweet words of so many of you that have written to me on the blog or by email.  It strengthens me and makes me smile, but know this: I struggle day to day just like anyone else.  I choose to have hope and try to stay positive through hard days.  Today, I am choosing to keep going even though I am having a hard day.

It’s easy to look at other people and think that their life is perfect.  We don’t see their weaknesses or mistakes, we just see the best parts of them.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we viewed ourselves that way?  It is always easier to see the beauty in someones else than within myself.  I have spent hours talking to my daughters and trying to get them to see all the amazing qualities they possesses.  It is so frustrating seeing something so plainly and not be able to get it across to my girls…somehow transfer my confidence in them *to them*.  

I guess I need to use my daughters as an example for myself.

I need to work harder at seeing the good about myself, I need to give myself the gift of acceptance.  How can I expect my girls to do it, if I can’t always find it?  

I believe that Satan wants us women to be hard on ourselves.  He wants us to get overwhelmed and frustrated.  He wants us to give up on ourselves and our families.  If he can do this, he has won.

Bottom line, I am rambling…why?  because I am not sharing what I am frustrated about and keep typing anyway.  I hope someone out there understands what I am babbling about otherwise I will feel like an even bigger looser….haha

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