I just checked google analytics and had a good laugh that I had to share.  As my blog gradually grows in readership, it is interesting to watch what people search for to find me.  You know the drill, you happen upon a blog by accident and you forget the name of the website.  A few weeks later, you try and remember how you got there in the first place, so you search.

These are some of the things people are searching for to find me….

Pink Moss

Pink Moss Blog

Moss Pink

Pink by Moss


Those things all seem normal to me, but the one that just caught my attention and made me bust out laughing?


I have had 12 people search that THIS month!  Are people really that concerned with my age?  I guess so.  I know I have a lot of kids AND don’t look old enough to have them….I know.  I have heard it for YEARS!  

Think of it this way:

When I was 20 I was married.  When I was 22 I had FOUR kids when you count up my step daughter, niece, and two babies of my own.  That is young for four kids.  I would have had to have been 12 to give birth to my niece, and 16 to give birth to my step daughter….so yes, I started young.

Once Jon and I were out to a really late movie for our date night.  We decided to stop at a car lot on the way home and check out a great car that we couldn’t afford. 

 *We could dream, right?*

Next thing we know there are sirens and lights pulling up to us as if something bad had happened…I looked at Jon and said, 

“I wonder what happened?  Let’s go ask the officer.”  

As we approached the policeman he ordered us back into our car.

“Why…??? Jon asked….”

The officer yelled with the authority he wore on his badge,

 “Because, I said so!”

I continued to walk forward and asked again what the problem was.  

The man started interrogating.

“Miss you are out past curfew!”

I couldn’t help it…all respect that I should have had *by law*, went out the window.  I was betrayed by my uncontrollable laughter that eeeked out into the crisp night air.

“CURFEW? I have FOUR kids, how many do you have?”

Oh, how I wish that I had a picture of this mans face as he digested what I had just told him.



Jon was rolling by this time and waited to see what the man would do next.

“ohhh, ummm, I’m sorry mam…I have four children also…”

“Good” I said, “tell them hi from me.”

So to all of you searching for my age…I don’t hide it.  I am proud of every year I have survived and grown.  I boast of every grey hair, because they were earned.  I don’t try to tell people I am younger than I am.  Isn’t it a bigger compliment to say, “I’m 88 years old!” and watch every one’s mouths drop?

I think so

So people….you 12 THIS MONTH searching for the answer.


Yes, I am thirty five with a bunch of kids, and I probably started too young popping out the babies *20 to be exact*, but I enjoy playing with my kids.  I water ski with them, snow ski with them, run and bike with them…and chase them when they are in trouble.  

And guess what?  

I will be around when my grandchildren come, and my great grandchildren…and at the rate I’m going lately possibly my great great grandchildren…. 

Bwahahaha, the thought makes me laugh.

“Come ON GREAT GREAT GRANDMA! It’s time to go snowboarding!!….oh look, there’s even a handicapped parking stall available.  I’ll grab your depends diaper and we will attach it inside your snowsuit.  I brought apple sauce for lunch, since you don’t have any teeth…and your hearing aids are packed in our bag!”

Flexible Grandma