I’m late

I’m late

For a very important date

no time to say hello goodbye

I’m late

I’m late

I’m late

I am planning my annual Halloween party that is TOMORROW!

Do you think I have had time to think about it?


Do you think I have had time to send out invites?


Do you think I have time to sit around and eat candy corn?


But guess what, the party must go on, even though I have a new son and a wedding on the horizon.

I must arrange

The Balloons

The Pizza

The cupcakes

The drinks

The fog

The lights

The games

The tables

The chairs

The confetti

The Candy jars

The Carmel apples

The costumes for 9

The napkins

The plates

The scary music

The black lights

The cobwebs

and more

For more that 100 people.

I’m late…..

Did I forget to mention that I volunteered to make two huge posters for the kids school party tonight, and bright 5 dozen home baked goods?

*Home baked in our home means, go to a great bakery and switch out the plates…”