I have a dog.

I have a fat dog.

I have a fat dog named Phylis.

I love my fat dog named Phylis.

I love my fat dog named Phylis so much, it hurts!

I didn’t know that I felt so strongly about Phylis

I didn’t know until she got sick.  

Phylis is not a normal name for a dog, but it fits her perfectly.

She thinks she is human

She eats like she is human

She eats more than a human

Jon asks if I feed her EVERY DAY

Every day of her ten year life

Really Jon?

Really Jon, you haven’t seen how fat Phylis is?

Really Jon, you haven’t noticed that she looks like an ROUS? *rodents of unusual size*

Really Jon, you think she is starving even though she looks like a hugs stuffed sausage?

I’m pretty sure she eats

I’m pretty sure she is spoiled and eats

Phylis is scared

Phylis is scared of thunder and lightening

Phylis is scared ever since lightning hit a tree by her in our back yard

Phylis runs, hides, shakes, and snuggles when there is a storm

No barking

No barking here

NO barking from Phylis *unless there is a storm*

No….she is very respectful of my sanity and the neighbors patience

Phylis knows

Phylis knows how I feel.

Phylis knows that when I am tired and have had a *too long* of a day

Phylis knows and looks at me with big brown eyes, and walks out of the room.

I believe dogs have a sixth sense

They are here to be our friends, accepting and kind

Phylis eats crazy things

Phylis eats crayons, toys, and bees

Phylis eats homework,  pink play dough “Flampsters” and fresh brownie “Atoms”

Phylis eats homework, fast and furious before you enter the room

Phylis walks slow when she knows she is in trouble

or when she is trying to hide something

Phylis licks peanut butter off my piano

Phylis hikes mountains with me, when I can lift her in the car

Phylis has been around for thick and thin, I especially held her during the thin

Phylis is a friend, that doesn’t judge, talk back, disappoint, or hurt.

We love Phylis

That’s why when we found out she has cancer about a month ago, I cried

They said it was good she was fat

They said when they took out the growth on her shoulder, the fat helped protect it from spreading

They said she could be fine, even after this

They said everything looked good.

She could be sick because of the unnatural things she has eaten

She could be sick because she is fat

She could be sick because she eats homework and full pizzas

She could be sick, because that’s just what happens to 10 year old dogs

I don’t know, but what I do know is that now she doesn’t have to sneak

I know she will be spoiled 

I know that that dang dog will live it up until it is her time to go

 *even if she got into a dirty diaper the other day, AGAIN*

Yes, I’m writing about my dog.