Truth is, I don’t have much time to write these days…

go figure, right?

As I type, I have a big eyed-big smiled little dude sitting on my lap drinking apple juice and a little “Bug” poking him…as they both laugh and and testing the steadiness of my hands.  

I thought I was adopting a son, and I did, but I also gained twins at the same time.  Bug has reverted back to grunting when she wants to be held and even wetting her pants.  She knows that Handsome is getting all the attention, as much as I try to even out the holding, pictures, and special treatment he needs right now.  

I lay in bed until Handsome falls asleep, and last night laid in bed until Bug fell asleep also.  I don’t want Bug to feel unloved so I walk around with a son on my left hip and a daughter on my right.  

I race against the time in the day to juggle all seven kids and their needs.  To someone visiting our home, you would probably guess I didn’t do anything all day. I could clean all day…I don’t.  I choose to snuggle my twins right now, reading books, swinging, and taking baths.  I have learned from the first five kids that time goes way too fast.  I have always erred on the side of a messy house to a neglected kid.  This is always a balance I am trying to make and don’t feel like I can ever get it just right.  

Many of you guessed that my girl “Rooz” is getting married when I showed the pictures last post, and you would be right!  They are madly in love…young…and madly in love.  As a parent you want to give the best advice on when where and how and who a child is to marry..but ultimately it is their choice.  I would choose for Rooz to be older, but she is not.  What she is, is happy…happier than I have ever seen her in her entire life.  Their personalities compliment each other perfectly. What more can you ask for?  I was young when I was married and somehow we have made it.  We were naive, and this may have played a role in getting us through some really hard stuff.  I look around to many couples that married older and were more mature when they took the plunge, and they are divorced….so who is to say?  I give them my blessing and welcome my new *second* son into our family with open arms.  I couldn’t have chosen a better husband for her myself.  Actually, the first time I met him I KNEW.  I knew before Rooz knew, so I am not shocked.  

So with a new child that needs loads of attention, and the thought of starting to plan a wedding, 5 daughters hormones and drama, and all of our business goings on…I am pretty ummm busy?  

I am blessed, and happy, and busy.  Do you sense some exhaustion and frustration?  Probably…because it is there.  I pray to rise to my everyday life, I pray for help and strength.

On a new note, we have been busy bonding with Handsome and I wanted to share some of the latest pictures!  They are darling, he is darling.  He was hand picked for our family, he fits like a glove.

~A water ski glove that is~

Rooz brought the love of her life and his beautiful sister along for our freezing cold *end of the season* boating trip.  They are darling and look like they could be twins themselves!

Daddy showed handsome the ropes of driving our Mastercraft x80.  I can’t even drive the dang thing.  Two engines is beyond my personal marine skills!

No, I don’t drive…I take the pictures.

Monkey brought along one of her besties!

and Sprite brought along hers…

Can you believe bug likes Salt and Vinegar chips? 

I can’t!

Scottie Boy gave us the show of the day flipping around like a dolphin.  

I am glad I have another crazy one in the family now to get into the water, no matter if it is below freezing!

I thought I would end this little adventure with me in my nasty dry suit.  I look like something from a Night before Halloween with the weird seams going down my belly from my swim suit, not to mention the white stitching that looks like my 80’s swimsuit cut…clear above the hip!

On Saturday we visited “The Bridal Fair”. 

It was actually the one we owned and sold to a friend a few years ago, now Jon is in it for our business “Diamonds By Donna”.

(See Twins!)

It’s the only way Bug is good with a brother…if she is “the baby girl and he is the baby boy”.

Today in the car on the way to school she said,

“Mom, this boy of ours is so cute!”

A much better statement than the one last week,

“Mom, I don’t like him because I’M the baby!”

Sunday, we pulled off the church thing….somehow.

Handsome made it through about 30 minutes of sacrament.  He was content until he saw the open door on the back row of the chapel and bolted to the door.  I looked at Jon and said,

“Let’s Go.”

So we did.

I figure it was a noble effort for our first day with 6 kids in church!  You are now free to oooo and ahhhh with me at my darling twins and the cutest pictures ever of Jon and Handsome in their matching ties.  

I told you!