There are always funny things said at my house.  Sure, I’m funny but my kids bust me up.  I thought it would be fun to list some of the latest:

1. Sprite: “Mom, I plan on buying a jacked up UHAUL truck because they are beautiful, have good shocks, and I could keep my bloodhound in the back.

2. Bug: “Mommy, I want to put ALL of Strawberry Shortcake’s music on myIPOD!” The kid is 3

3. Sprite: “Mom, I am going to serve a mission wherever pistachios are grown so I can eat them as I preach the gospel.”

Monkey has been regularly setting up a spa for friends to come get their nails and makeup done.  There isn’t a girl in the neighborhood that hasn’t benefited from her free services! I think it’s the moms that have to pay for it by scrubbing little their kids little faces before bed so they don’t go to school looking like it’s already Halloween.

Mackaroochie has come home from school with many funny stories of boys at her school.  One day she was really hungry and her stomach wouldn’t be quiet.  There was a foreign exchange student sitting by her and couldn’t help but over hear.  He said, “Your tummy go dum de dum de dum!” As he tapped his hands on his lap to make a drum.  She was so embarrassed!

Never a dull day.