I just posteda great letter on my “Project: In My Daughter’s Eyes” site.  It is hilarious and I enjoyed reading it!  I am just getting back into the blogging groove after being gone a lot of the summer.  I want to rev up mypimde.com site again and get more submissions.  If you are interested AT ALL, I would encourage you to do it.  It has proven to be enjoyable to all that have participated, so good in fact that


the soap company contacted me and let me know that they are using my idea without any credit (in so many words) and I would be welcome to participate in their campaign *meaning submit a letter*!  They already were focusing on girls and their self esteem but saw my ideas as fitting in nicely with their marketing…oh well, I guess it will now reach thousands and not hundreds.  We are all going for the same goal, and I did know that I had a great idea to affect many for good.  Just remember that their cute little idea was MINE! I actually asked them if they were offering to sponsor my site, but that wasn’t their intent.  

Can you say “Copy Cat?”

Dove can.

It would have been nice to at least have a letter saying that they loved the idea and would like permission to use it…that’s it.  I’m not asking for millions or even a pat on the back.

Having said all this, I still think they are great and hope it works for them and they change many girls lives for the better.  Do you feel bad for me yet?  Go ahead and send me a letter to your 12 year old self so I can post it on my site and keep it going!  I would love to compile a book someday with the submissions.