We celebrated my birthday over several days last week, and I dare say that I am spoiled.  I will own that word.  I guess my goal is to not be a spoiled brat. 

 There is a difference…right? 

 Jon spoils me.  He always has. 

 I used to blurt out anything I saw that was great and announce…”ooooI would LOVE that!”  But after several years of being married, I realized that Jon was adding each of my frivolous whim “wants” to a “to get” list.

  This added stress for him of course!  I didn’t plan on getting everything I ever wanted, I actually don’t think it is healthy.  I grew up in a home where we were welcome to share things we would love to have, but we didn’t plan on getting it all. 

 I have had to change that little habit because I realized what Jon was doing, and the great lengths he always goes to provide.  It is the way he shows love.  I try to explain that althoughthese things are great, I love himbecauseof who he is.  If there are any that believe I am with him because of what he can get me *there have been some*, I would say…remember all the years that I stayed with him through being totally broke?  He couldn’t even provide meals or pay our rent and believe it or not…I still loved him 🙂

Having been through times like that, I am that much more grateful for our blessings now.  I guess I have to explain this little bit of info before I go into my birthday weekend…I feel guilty quite a bit of the time for our current good fortune.  I realize that life could flip at any time and we could be where we were before.  I pray it doesn’t happen, but if that is the will of Heavenly Father then we will trudge through it like we did before.  I would never claim that Jon and I have accomplished anything in life without the help of Heavenly Father.  Our businesses have been carried through a verytough economical time and we are still making it.  We had to move things around and stay creative but I know it is not by our own hard work that we are still around.  We employ over 550 people and I know they are all praying for us to be stable and be able to supply them with a job that supports countless families.  It is actually very stressful thinking of how many people that count on Jon and I to be smart.


So with that very long intro to this post, I came up last Friday to Snowbird because there was a Corporate Alliance retreat going on.  Jon had been there all day and had more meetings to attend so he sent me to the spa.  He set up a massage, pedicure, facial, and hair and makeup for the dinner that night.  It was so relaxing and I felt overly pampered, but loved it.  

When I was done, I could barely walk because I was so relaxed.  I made my way up to the room and got dressed.  Jon had me pose to show off the cute “do”.

We had to snap an ugly couples picture alone because nobody else was there to do it for us.  When we were finished posing we went to the dinner and had a great time meeting with people we have met through Corporate Alliance and had Kevin Gallagher as an auctioneer run the show.  It is always fun when he runs auction events.  I ended up bidding and winning a package of 4 Jazz tickets and 2 passes to Doug Miller’s race track! 

 I can’t wait to be a race car driver!

The next day we woke up and realized it was “OktoberFest” at Snowbird.  They had games, face painting, music, and much more.  We rode the tram to the top of the mountain.

I was windy and cool on top of the outlook.  We walked around and took pictures for a while.  When we got to the bottom we bought some sweatshirts and ate lunch outside on a patio.  I loved being there and would love to take my kids back sometime. 

On Sunday I came home from church to find my house decorated and the announcement that all my family was coming to celebrate my birthday!  It was so much fun to see everyone.  All exceptRoozthat is.  She became totally sick and had to go to the hospital.  She ended up having a sinus infection, kidney infection, and the flu.  Poor thing…she is too tough for her own good.  She had been staying with her Aunt and Grandma and they have been so great to take care of her.  Hopefully she will fully recover soon.

Mack walked around and took some pictures of the party for me because I was too busy getting everything set up.

We set up a special seat for Bella because we wanted to tell her how good of friend she was to all of us!

Jon gave me pace’s Popsicles to eat instead of cake because I LOVE them.  What a guy!

I became a trite conceited and enjoyed all of the attention a little too much!  I started singing to myself and posing for the camera.  All of my family laughed and remarked, “No wonder all of your girls are posers!!”  Yes, really, they haven’t figured that out yet??!

Thanks everyone for a superb celebration!  Who would have thought it would be so much fun to get older?!