I took a birthday hike last week that was unbelievable.  The hiking part wasn’t different than it’s been all summer, but the colors in the mountains of Utah right now are nothing less than spectacular.  Fall is my favorite time of year for so many reasons, but this is one of them.  

I also LOVE:

Sipping wassail outside on the back porch.

Carving pumpkins and smelling them on Halloween night.

Cinnamon sticks around my house.

The perfect temperature for layering clothes (my favorite)


Our annual Halloween party with 50 + people!

Costumes of every shape, size, and character.

Haunted Houses ( I never scream or laugh harder )

Getting lost in the corn mazes with the kids.

the wind that blows the leaves and the sound it makes as it scuffs the ground

The mosquito’s and flies are dead!

Reading stories with my kids at night after a long day.

Snuggling in Blankets with hot chocolate and a good movie.

Pumpkin Cookies baking in the kitchen.

TV Shows start (LOST is over though…boo)

Trick or Treating no matter what age you are.

The fun of Back to School shopping and friends.

Anyway…I wish it lasted as long or longer than the winter did.  I love winter also, but I don’t think Fall gets an even split in the seasons here.

Let’s move on…

Of course I had to bring my camera on the hike to Squaw Peak, so it took me a bit longer to get to the top, but it was worth it!

Aspen trees always freaked me out as a kid because the knots on them look like eyes…see what I mean!?

When we finally made it to the field close to the top, Tiff frolicked in the grass like a deer!

So peaceful…

If you ever need to clear your mind, just take a walk in the trees, there is nothing like it.

We could see Mt. Timpanogus when we got high enough.  This is the next big hike that I really want to take!  Every time I set it up, something huge gets in the way and it falls through.

The view from the top is awesome! 

Moral of this photo story:  If you ever can’t find me, check the mountains. 

 I am the happiest there.

What’s your favorite time of year and why?  

Where do you escape when you get the chance?