My kids tell me that “everyone” has seen this YouTube video but me. Ok, so maybe I am a little behind the times as far as You Tube is concerned.

 I laughed…and laughed…and laughed some more when I watched it.  Maybe it’s because I can relate all too well.  The younger, innocent looking sibling, picking on the older.  Of course, the older kids gets the brunt of the punishment if you hear a holler…and maybe that’s not quite fair, but that is how it goes. 

*Notice however, that the older one eggs it on*

 I guess what I am trying to say is that I apologize.  I apologize for all the times the older one was reprimanded by me when it wasn’t their fault.  Having said that, I guarantee my daughters will do the same to their kids when they parent!

My feeling is that if they can get away with it because they are little, cute, and smart… they should because eventually there will be someone taking their place.