I thought it would be interesting for you *and me* to go over some of my blogging stats.  I started blogging for the fun of it but I had no idea how a blog grew in readership or page views.  It was never my intention but has been a fun thing to watch.  Google just added a page that shows some information on your blog and the results were interesting.  Here we go!

My top 10 blog posts that people read are:

Hamsters Can’t Swim

In My Daughter’s Eyes

I’m a Product of the 80’s

I’m Alive and STILL in love

WARNING: Zoo Zoo Pets are Evil

Wish Bone

News Flash

Great News

Marjorie Hinkley

Fireworks and Mosquito’s

I don’t necessarily think that these are my best posts, but that they are things that people search for online.

If tried to pick 10 of my personal favorite, but I didn’t have time to go through all of them so I listed 10 that came to my mind first! *In no particular order*

Wish Bone


Book Ends

Who ME Mr. Officer?!

In My Daughter’s Eyes

WARNING: Possibly hazardous to our Friendship

I’m STILL alive and In Love

Prescription Children

My Favorite Fight

My Testimony

I also found it interesting to find out where people were from that read my blog the most. In order they are:

United States



United Kingdom







Isn’t that CRAZY?! 

 The Internet is an amazing thing.  I can lay here in bed and write whatever random thought comes to mind, and there are people that actually care to read it.  Either you all are very bored or my life is crazy enough to spend time laughing at…probably both!

I have actually had 27, 520 visits since January 16 of this year, so 8 months.  THAT is insane.  I installed the little globe button on the right side bar on the bottom and it shows little dots of where people are.  It doesn’t get close by any means, but gives an idea.  It is actually off and shows our computer in our laundry room residing in Logan when it beeps on the revolving map.  I would be curious if anyone wants to click on it and tell me if it targets you anywhere close to where you are from. 

It’s unbelievable to hear C Jane say that a long time ago she reached 100,000 visitors to her blog a day!! Her sister is Nie Nie and was thrown into the public eye.  I can’t imagine the pressure she feels from her readers.  My readers are no doubt easy going.  Nobody has every ripped on me *yet*, and people aren’t offended if I miss responding to an email.  I try…I really do.  I love all the sweet comments I get but I am scatter brained and don’t get to them all.  Just know that I read them all and everyone brings a smile to my face.  I try to visit back peoples blogs that visit mine in my down time hahah. 

I actually really miss it when I don’t get the time to write.  It clears my mind.  When I drive I am writing, when I walk I am writing, when I sleep I am writing.  I see the world differently because I have started to think how I would put different feelings and experiences into words.  Sometimes I wonder if I will get sick of it and stop, or make my blog private.  I am not sure, but for now I am enjoying every minute of it! A Blog isn’t about the stats for me, but it is about enjoying what I’m doing.

And I Am 🙂