It was a beautiful summers day…

A beautiful HOT fummers day.

A Perfect day to spend with my mom “Na Na”, and my sister’s little families.

Yes, you got it…the lady in the camo hat is my MOTHER.  A grandma.

She is a beautiful woman and has worked to take care of herself so that she can look like this.  I remember her drinking seaweed stuff, every sort of vitamin, health food concoctions and exercising as long as I can remember.  Well mom, it has paid off.  She can out water ski everyone I know (including myself), and flies past me when we snowboard. 

 *Yes snowboard*

As we made our way through the busy park in down town Salt Lake, I couldn’t help but admire the beautiful buildings and artistry that were all around me.  Talented vendors lined up sharing their works of art with the people walking by.  Sculptures, paintings, decorations…

and HATS!  I LOVE hats! Doesn’t my sister look darling in this one?

  I think so.

She has always


A Drama Queen

I mean that in the very best sense of the word.  She acted in high school musicals and such with great talent!

Sprite and I LOVE cinnamon roasted almonds and got this nice man to pose with her so we could remember the savory taste For….ev….er!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when we made our way to the children’s section.  They had a whole area devoted to any kids wildest imagination. They had PAINT that was sitting out for kids to use on the handmade forts, trees, and sculptures.  I felt like a child as I watched them run wild and so free.  I think I actually felt a tad bit jealous that I wasn’t smaller and able to fit everywhere.

So many parents are worried about getting their kids dirty.  I believe play time and filth is part of feeling free.  I loved their painted faces and clothing.  Yes, it came out and even if it hadn’t, it was still worth it!

See what I mean!!


After running around for a while, we sat down to eat.  Bug and DJ enjoyed playing games on my iphone together in the shade for a minute.  I couldn’t help but flashback to the *many* days that DJ’s dad and I spent playing Mario Brothers.

Carter and his mommy showed up for a while so we could all see each other.

I had to laugh when Sprite was so excited to play on the sit n’ spin.  She jumped on and realized how much strength it takes to spin that dang thing.  Kids in the 80’s didn’t have everything motorized ya know!

I am a super sucker for face painting and spent way too much on it.  I lasts for a small amount of time but brings such joy!  I am always the one running for the face painting station…isn’t it usually the kids dragging the parent?  

Not in this case.

At the end of the day, we all soaked our feet in a small stream running by.  It was a refreshing way to end a memorable day.  

Thanks SLC for throwing such a great party!