NO, I’m not pregnant.

I am sure this is a thought that went through some of your heads when you read the title!  I had the priveledge a few days ago to take pictures of my new baby niece.  She is  beautiful, as you will see.  Her older brother Carter was so cute holding his precious baby sister.  We are all proud to call her “ours”!  

I took a ton of pictures, edited down to a bunch, and posted only many.  

My sister and nephew Jackson were there with us.  Jackson thought they looked like they were having so much fun, he decided to doggy pile and jumped right on!

While we were waiting for baby sister to be ready, Carter and I took some pictures together.  I loved this time alone with him.  He will be going into another surgery soon on his little heart and I won’t be able to play with him.  He will be in the hospital for about a month.

Being the mean aunt that I am, I talked him into standing on top of my little stool.  He was fine until I asked him to raise his hands in the air.

This totally freaked him out, but all I could do was laugh as I help him down. The look of shear terror kills me…

Sorry buddy, I may laugh at this one for years to come!

I took advantage of having my sister there and took a few pictures of her being perfectly pregnant. She is almost half way there and looked too darling to pass up!

And that’s all for now folks!

Feel free to vote for your favorite because we are choosing which ones to enlarge!