Top 10 Nastiest Creatures in no particular order: Some have links to previous posts and others I will expound for a moment so you understand my issue.

1. Lady Bugs

(The best marketed farce I have seen in a bug species)


(Get Out)

3. Llama


4. Maggots/Flies

(This was the most decent picture I could find, seriously almost barfed looking for one)


(Those Eyes…someone told me these teeth weren’t real but the picture has ruined me forever)

6. Spiders

(No explanation needed)

7. Dust Mites

(%&*#, need I say more?  GET OFF ME!)

8. Ticks

(Seriously, they can’t find somewhere better to bury their body?)

9. Praying Mantis

(Pray…my butt.  It’s a cover.  They eat their mates head off after they ummm get busy)

10. Earwigs

(Do they really crawl in your ear or was that a nasty story my dad told me for fun?)

Overall I realized that the creatures that bother me the most are the ones that trying to invade my body.  The Llama and Ostrich just have bulgy all seeing eyes that bare into my soul.

I think I ruined my day…I’m itching and scratching now.

I’m going to take a bath.