I have been one busy lady the past few weeks.  Life is swirling around us as we get everything back onto a schedule for the new school year.  I decided last minute to transfer all of my kids to another school  after they had started at their last one already for a day.  I know, crazy….I just felt like it was the right thing so they would all be on the same schedule.  I have been transferring records, taking kids to entrance exams, buying a TON of new uniforms, and getting class schedules figured out. Once things calm down a bit, it will be so quiet but I haven’t experienced it yet.  

As I was driving the kids to school this morning I realized the drive may take a bit longer than usual because it was stop and go traffic.  It gradually got worse and I ended up sitting on the freeway for an hour and a half!  Come to find out there was a crash up ahead of me where a semi hit a van and sent it out of control over the over pass onto the road below killing the man instantly.  So sad.  Life can end so abruptly.  

When I finally got the school the kids were so excited to get out because it was their 2nd first day of school.  They were ready to meet new friends and teachers.

There is great article just written on food allergies on theHelp Me Grow Blogif you want to check it out! I am convinced that a few of my kids have a food allergy that I need to figure out.  It is so frustrating to know it but feel lost about to find out what it is.  That’s how I feel anyway.

So, on another completely different note, I wanted to add some pictures from another outing a few weeks ago. Emmy and I took our kids (and some neighbor kids) to Thanksgiving Point.  It was a  beautiful warm summers day that ended up being one of my favorite “Utah weather” type of days.  The sun was bright and the clouds were black…rain looming above us promising to freshen up the ground and cool the air.  

Right when we got there it started to rain.  Not the sprinkle kind of rain, I mean REALLY rain complete with HUGE bolts of lightning and booming thunder.  It was so loud that we all stopped doing what we were doing and just watch…

and listen.

This is how it affected Monkey’s face!

Don’t worry, she isn’t cold….just scared.  It was very hot!

We spent some of our time under cover checking out the

Nasty Llamas.

I realized yesterday *when my nephew Avery gave me a homemade Llama hat for my upcoming birthday* that Llama is spelled the way the Llama looks.  You are supposed to pull your neck back…getting ready to spit when you say it , just like that one Llama did in my hair and face.

Click here to find out why 

I Hate Llamas.

Bug wasn’t letting the rain and thunder slow her down…


Uh- Uh.

Here’s my ticket!

And then there is my sweet hubby walking around feeding the chickens with my kids in the rain.  He was in the middle of a work day and happen to already be at Thanksgiving Point meeting with the facility managers when he saw us!  Now that is pure luck because he visits multiple facilities all over Utah and juggles the other businesses as well.  I love that he stopped in the middle of all of it to take time for the kids. 

Afterward we treated the kids to ice cream at the old fashion creamery. 

 It was to die for!

I just thought of a fun rain video to share with you.