What does every girl need when she gets her wisdom teeth ripped out of her head? 

 A knight in shining armour…

or a cute cowboy in a 10 gallon hat and kickin’ boots, holding flowers!?

I vote for the cowboy.

Even though Roozis barley tall enough to reach his face for a thank you kiss.  It’s rough having a tall, dark, and handsome boyfriend at your beck and call.  

WatchingRoozin such pain made me sad because she is a tough girl.  Themedsmessed with her head to the point that when Scott brought her home from the dentist she CRIED when he told her she had to go home and lay down instead of making the trip with him to get ajambajuice.


Any of you that knowRooz, understand that this doesn’t sound like her at all.  When she walked in the front door with him I asked if she was laughing or crying.  

Scott said, “ummm, both…?!”  

It was so cute to watch him dote over her and look like a lost puppy when he had to go back to work.  He kept asking me if I had given her the rightmedsand changed her gauze at the right times.  I couldn’t help but remember when I wasRooz’sage and Jon took care of me the same way when I had to have surgery.  

I’m happyRoozpicked a cowboy that would take care of her like her dad did for me.  When I was in college it was a regular thing to wake up in the morning and run out to my car in a hurry to get to school. Snow is not uncommon in these parts, but I never had to worry about slipping…. 

Jon would have shoveled the walk from my apartment door to my car!  He’d put little roses from the gas station on my windshield and roll it in a $20 bill.  I would hop into my car and realize he had filled my empty tank of gas…yet again.  

Yes, I am spoiled…..so ladies, pick a good one!

Let’s hear it for the boys!

(I forgot to mention that Scott doesn’t usually dress like this.  It was an outfit he bought for the local rodeo {for fun}…and to make Rooz laugh even though she felt horrible)