Pink Moss goes to PIneview!

This summer has been busy busy busy.  I have a million photos that haven’t made it to the blog and feel somewhat overwhelmed.  I figure I will just start posting a clump at a time and maybe…just maybe be caught up by next summer!

One of the highlights over the past month was spending time with extended family that we rarely get to see!  I had my cousin Kim and her family stay with us for a week and my brother Dave and his family stay with us for another week.  While everyone was around we took a quick trip toPineviewreservoir where we enjoyed camping, boating, and catching up on every ones lives.  Aunt Jan, Ally, my parents, Dave, Camille, Mandy LP and many more were there.  

Pineviewis the lake I grew up water skiing on until it started getting too busy.  The lake isn’t very big and when there are a bunch of boats on it during the weekend, it can be scary.  I remember holding my ski up in the air as high as possible so as to not be hit by another boat when I fell one time.  Pineviewis also the lake where I competed in a triathlon and almost drown..OK, not really but close enough for me!

I loved watching everyone enjoy the campfire atPineviewand reunite!  This was our first official trip camping in tents.  My kids set them up in the backyard and play in them, but we haven’t stayed in them for several nights yet.  I love to camp but have always had little babies and the hotel usually wins if we travel 🙂  We have taken amoterhome before when we have visited Goblin Valley and other places off the beaten path, but I love sleeping in the fresh air.  

What is it about motor homes that stink?  Maybe it’s just me but there is always a funky smell to them.  Maybe it’s the flashbacks I’m having to when I was young.  We had an old motor home that smelled stale to me.  I remember loving to ride on the top and look out over the freeway.  My siblings and I used to count the bugs as they hit the windshield and marvel at the infinite colors of bug guts we saw!  That reminds me of a joke we used to always tell:


What is the last thing that goes through a bugs mind before it hits a windshield?



OK, now we can move on to some of the pictures that were taken!

Sprite and Bug loved snuggling up in thier sleeping bags

Monkey was very intent on pitching the tent with us.  She did a great job and didn’t even smash a finger, which is actually quite surprising.

Kim’s Daughter Lexie and Noo just hangin’ out

Mandy has an amazing camera AND amazing talent for taking pictures.  I wish I had hers to add to my collection but I haven’t gotten them yet.

My cousin Mandy and her hubby Brian sleeping outside under the stars.

Dave and his cute family

This is my neice Madisen…isn’t she a DOLL!?

This is my cousin L.P. He is such a doll and has the cutest wife and baby ever!


Jon pulled us all on the water weenie aka banana.  I laughed so hard I almost threw up..I am NOT exaggerating!! Kim was behind me saying the funniest things and I was having flashbacks to the days my dad pulled us on that thing for countless hours.

The kids all love wearing their life jackets on the other end when we are close to shore.  I thought I got them OUT of diapers!