Yesterday Bug and I sat in church in the very back row with the rest of the family.  It wasn’t a shock when she started to get antsy the last 20 minutes or so *I do too!*  In an attempt to calm her I brought her close to my ear and started whispering the song, 

“Twinkle Twinkle little Star”  

After a minute she joined in and whispered/sang along with me.  Seeing how great this little idea worked I picked another.

“I am a child of God” 

I sang and rocked her back and forth trying to show her how to be calm even if you are fidgety.  

I was so proud when the song finished an she grabbed my head and brought it close.  She turned my ear to be right against her lips, which always makes me laugh because kids that age breath out so hard when they whisper.  

She said, “Mommy, my turn!”  I agreed and prepared myself for the song she would pick… 

“STOP in the name of LOVE before you break my heart…think it o-o-ver!”

It was tough to suppress my laugh as I hugged her tight.