I never believed I would actually use the “iblogger” app on my phone, but here I am waiting for  Noo Noo to get out of dance class, presenting a perfect opportunity to finger blab!

Rooz reminded me of a “must share” story this morning as we primped in the mirror after another grueling work out with “Mat the Trainer”owner of EXL Fitness.  We have been exercising together for a few weeks and I love it!  It is so much fun to have the kids get old enough to be able to keep up. She chews out the trianer like I would love to do as I just look at him and smile.

I approach this particular story with care, as not to offend anyone…yet still worth sharing.

When Sprite was about two years old, I had her in the bath with me.  There is an age that every child hits when they are no longer welcome in the bathroom because they start to make observations and comments like, 

“Mom, someday I will get big boobies like you!  Mine are just little boobies.” or as I asked my own mother when I was young, “Mom, why do you have hair…there?”  My mom patiently explained the story of Adam and Eve and pointed out that our bodies are sacred.  I was fine with her answer, for a minute.  I followed with a second question,

 “Then WHY do we have hair under our arms?!” 

 That still seems like a logical thought out question to me.  She responded with something intelligent like, “Hmmm, now that’s a good question!”

The questions daddy gets asked in our house full of girls are even better, but I won’t go there.

Well Sprite has always been both very observant and inquisitive.  I knew she was getting tothe agethat I was asking for trouble.  I was in a hurry and threw her in the bath with me and started lathering her up.  I washed her hair and her chubby little body.  I couldn’t help but reminisce about her baby body and how much she had grown in the past year.  This kid had a triple chin..not one, not two, but three rolls that we had to clean out daily so the milk didn’t settle and stink.  

We hopped out of the bath and I sent her to her purple her room to get her panties. 

 “You are a big girl right?  Go and get your panties!”  

She ran out and I dressed myself quickly because I needed to check on the rest of the children soon before something too interesting happened.  As soon as I was clothed, I walked into Sprite’s room and felt my jaw dropped.

Standing in front of me was Sprite with a black pen…with artwork that was so explicit it made me *blush*.  She hadn’t drawn on the wall or the bed like most children might.  She had drawn out an anatomically correct woman’s body on herself complete with … well everything a woman would have.  I bust out laughing and asked what she was doing.  She very sweetly said, 

“See, now I’m just like mommy!”  

What do you say to that?  


So I took her to the bathroom and started another bath.