You may think I am writing a post about my thoughts on putting my kids in time out, or one of my kids that is in trouble.  


I am venting from pure frustration, AND in the middle of the day witch rarely happens.  I usually like to get up really early before my kids wake up to blog, or late after they go to bed

But today I am TIME OUT BLOGGING.  

That’s right ME.

Someone is knocking incessantly on my door and several other kids are fighting downstairs.  I have been cleaning up the kitchen for seemingly several hours and breaking up brewing arguments the entire time.  Why does it take so long to clean the kitchen you ask?? Because they make messes faster than I can clean them.  The funny thing is that Noo Noo did the dishes and they all cleaned their rooms as asked but messes just seem to hover around children.  

Bug was clapping cinnamon sticks together in a CLANG CLANG sort of way as Sprite and Noo Noo made faces back and forth at each other…eyebrows grazing their foreheads in interesting and unforgettable patterns.  Macakroochie is STILL sleeping and yes it is almost 1:00.  Someone brakes someone else’s special book, as another princess smashes their toe with the vacuum.  

PB&J’s AND Ham…over and over again.  Sprinkles ALL over my wooden floor from a special edible ring play set…swept, and swept, and swept again…the dang little sprinkles roll ya know…

So here I sit…typing away.  Don’t these kids have somewhere to go or something to do?  There has to be a friends house they can go to for 1 or 2 hours..or days…

You see, it’s the end of the summer. 

 We played our guts out and became closer as a family, but every good thing has to come to an end. 

 Do I worry that you are judging me right now?  No, because if you have had children than you know exactly what I am talking about and if you don’t…then I really don’t care.  If you have children and still don’t understand…well then, I guess there are a million other blogs you can read written by mothers that claim to never be frustrated or worn out.  I am pretty patient…really patient actually if you ask anyone that knows me but lets just say that it is August 18th and summer and my patience have come to an abrupt end, like at the end of a pregnancy. You have a date in your mind


and you hold on as long as you need to UNTIL you pass that due date, or for me a few weeks before.  I am just done.  

Well Done like a steak.  

I am not just Done, Medium, or Rare..I am Well Done. 

 So pass the potatoes and let’s have ourselves a steak…in my bed.  Room service…mmmm sounds nice.  Maybe THAT’s what my kids need to do today.  Instead of quarreling or making messes then can make me lunch in bed.  Now THAT’s what I’m talking ’bout!  


Now all is well, I am good.

That visual alone brought me back into my happy bubble (as Jon would call it)

as someone else knocks on my door…..

Noo Noo JUST BROUGHT ME LUNCH IN BED…*Not a steak, but it will work*

No joke!!

Yesterday I made it through the day by letting Monkey have her way.

“Mommy, can I do your makeup?  Pleeeeeese? I will start with the lip liner.” I could FEEL what this would look like so I stopped her and took a picture.  We both laughed together and she tried to wash it off with a wet wash rag.  Water was leaking down my neck onto the towel so I finished the job for her.

“Monkey, is the black coming off?” (As I repressed giggles)

“Yes, well it’s a little coming off but can I start again?”

“Fine.” I laid down and dozed off as she worked her magic.  When I awoke she urged me to the mirror for the unveiling.  I was shocked and rather impressed when I saw what was reflected back at me.

“See mom! You are a Snow Princess!!”

This girl needs to go into cosmetology so I can sit and have steak in bed.

“Thanks Monkey!”