I love my new calling in primary…and the wonderful songs that go along with it.

For a while I thought that I didn’t want to spend my time with young children at church because I do it so much at home, but when I was released as a camp director after six years and made a primary teacher, I really fell in love with the sweet innocent voices and spirit of the children.

Sometimes I find myself wondering if “He is really there”. 

I know the answer, but this song always brings peace when I hear it.

 *Unlike the feeling I will bring to sacrament in a few weeks when I play the violin* 

 To be fair, they gave me enough warning, but I have been too busy to practice…so it will be interesting to say the least.  I played violin all growing up but now am lucky to squeeze in a practice once or twice a year.  Hopefully this will jump start me into some regularity!  Have a great day and remember…

He IS There