As my summer comes to a close rather quickly, I find myself surprised once again how fast it went!  My blog has definitely taken a back seat *for good reason* and I have piles of unshared adventures waiting for their turn to be posted! 

 I absolutely love the fact that *Pink Moss* will be made into an annual book that our family can look through and pass down.  My plan is to print 2009 for a family Christmas present for the Grandparents and the kids.  It is a year behind because I wanted all of the Christmas pictures from the current year to be in the book.  I really should start editing it now and get going, but that won’t happen until the kids are settled in school, and their lesson schedules are set.  

I finally posted another letter at “In My Daughter’s Eyes Project” and wanted to share a link.  I want to thank Jill for contributing to my collection.  It really means a lot to me and all those that read the encouraging words.  I have had my kids read certain letters when I know they will let it sink in and teach them something.  

*If you have already added a letter to the site there is a button you can add to your site showing that you have been featured under the Want A Button tab*

I thought I would just start adding some pictures from the summer and see what I can fit in this morning before the kids wake up. Last night we all stayed up WAY too late bowling and then laying on the trampoline watching a *Meteor Shower* that didn’t really happen.  It had the few nights before and may have just been getting going at 12:00 a.m. when I made all the kids come in. 

 We had tons of fun and a million laughs as we told stories and ate mini chocolate pieces in the blankets.  It was a joke keeping them quiet because somehow everything was funny.  I have to admit that my patience was waning because of a very long summer, Month, and DAY but I managed to hold it together somehow because it was one of those experiences that could have been passed up and lost if I didn’t control myself.  It was late and I didn’t feel good…really from exhaustion.

  I usually feel this way at the end of the summer from trying to referee 24/7, keep them busy with activities so they don’t kill each other, and the “boredom” that sets in after a while.  It really boggles my mind when they are “bored”. 

 Really?  Go throw a rock or something.  Climb a tree…ride your bike.  What do you do when they ask for ideas…? I say hmmm,  “Go read or clean a toilet.”  After a while they start finding their own imagination!

I came across this picture as I started to dig through the summer fun:

It was taken the night Jon and I accepted the UV 50 Awardat the first of the summer.  We have a plaque in our office with the official picture when we accepted it, but I don’t have a digital file.  This was the second time we have gotten the award and it makes me so happy for Jon.  He works harder than anyone I know and it is nice when someone else other than me sees his talents.  

As I was leaving, bug stopped me to get a kiss and Kinley took a picture.  I love it because it reminds me of all of my little kids when they would stand in my way by the door to get their loves.

I know htis picture is cheesy, but it is all of have of the night.  I don’t even have one with Jon other than at the office!

More recently my cousin Kim came with her kids for our first family reunion on my mom’s side.  We were busy, busy, busy and didn’t waste a moment of our time together.  

One of the first things we did was have an adventure out on the boat to escape the hot summer sun!

After we were out on the lake we met up with my mom and dad.  My mom skied passed and dropped to see everyone.  All the kids jumped into the water to give Na Na hugs!

They brought Dave, Emmy, D.J. and Madisen.  I loved as I watched Bug and D.J. say hi.

Sprite was the first one out of the boat and onto the wake board!

Yea Sprite!!

I couldn’t believe the guts that Dillon came up with to try both the knee board and the wake board on his first time on the boat!!

Great Job Dillon!

And Lexie wasn’t far behind!  She loved the knee board and did a great job on her first time out!

I had to laugh when Kim’s kids were teasing her for getting out on the knee board.  I warned them that she was a pro…but they just didn’t believe me


they saw it for themselves!

Then we all watched as Noo Noo dazzled us all as she pulled out her gymnast talents!

After a while, Bug gave up and fell asleep on my shoulder.  This has to be one of my favorite things as a mother.  What a gift.

She has grown up on the boat from about four months old.  We would strap her in the car seat, put her in the shade and she was lulled to sleep from the rocking of the boat.

Thanks for all of the hard work it takes to put this on for the family Jon!  We all truly appreciate it, even if there may be some audible groaning when it comes time to clean up the boat!