August 11th is a great day at our home.  It is the day we celebrate Monkey’s birth!  She is turning seven today and I wanted to take a minute to wish her a happy day!

Why does it seem that each birthday sneaks up on you faster and faster?  I am quite positive I didn’t feel this way as a child, but as a parent you barely get a chance to blink and here it is again!  

As I think about Monkey, some words stand out in my mind.



Laughs a lot

Athletic and strong

Lively and works hard

Amazing hugger




Never gives up

These are some great qualities to have at such a Young age!

Ella’s *aka Monkey’s* expressions are to die for and she is obviously lovely.

She does indeed laugh a lot and has the best giggle EVER when you get her going.  She actually has Mabey Meltdowns as we call them in our family

 *when you laugh so hard that you start crying*  

All the women on my mom’s side of the family do it when something is really funny…the torch has been passed on!

Many people see Ella and spurt out something like “Oh, she is beautiful…what a little sweat heart!”  And then they try and lift her…she is solid!  

She is pure muscle mass like her dad.  She is so strong that she has always been able to lift things way bigger than herself like an ant!  Mandy and I always tease that she will be a W.W.F. fighter.  We joke about her prancing out onto the fighting ring with the crowd going wild because she looks so innocent and sweet.  He voice will be like roses, “Hello….I am Ella…” very breathy and calm.  

The next thing you know….her opponent, a man if you please, will be flat on his face! Don’t believe me?  Ask the multiple people she has knocked FLAT on their back if she is tough.  She has never meant to of course, but has just the same!  Grandma Ginny was taken out on Christmas Eve a few years back because Ella loved her present so much…

“Thank you Grandma!!!” 


“Oh, oh no, Sorry Grandma….”

Yes indeed, right beside the tree and onto the presents!

Or the time we were at the airport flying to Hawaii a few years ago.  

We had just sold “The Bridal Fair” one of our past businesses and wanted to celebrate!  We did the logical thing, and used part of the money to take the whole family, our neighbors family, one of Syd’s friends, Mandy and our friend Kent on the trip of a lifetime! Kent and Jon were the only boys against 13 girls!  Imagine the luggage!  

As we were in line checking ALL the luggage in, Ella ran up to thank Kent for helping out and because she couldn’t contain her excitement andenergy.  Next thing I know…


“WOW…..O O….”

“Sowry Kent….” 

*age 5*

Now THAT is an Amazing Hugger!

 *Hence the nickname Monkey…hanging on someone for a hug or knocking them over* 

Ella is  lively an works hard.  Indeed, she is always right there ready to help me with any chore that needs to be done!  She has always had a great talent for being reasoned with.  From the age of a baby, I could explain something in a calm voice and she would be OK with it.  Even during her toddler years she would put a pouty face on until I told her why and how things would work.  She seemed almost frustrated that she understood and reluctantly said, “OK mommy.”  It has always boggled my mind and I appreciate that as a parent for obvious reasons.

She has a veryrelaxed feeling about her and is always up for a snuggle or a book read to her.  I would say that she has been quite easy to raise thus far and would almost be worried that it has gone so smoothly, so I am pleased to announce that she has another side.  

She NEVER gives up.  As long as this trait is used for good, I will take it.  She does not like to hear the word “No” and she will find as many ways to ask the same question as she can.  When I tell her No, and explain why….she understands….and then will find another way to say it hopefully finding a way to work out our little difficulty understanding each other.  

Ella, I hope you never give up!  Go for your dreams.  Work hard for what you believe, just always remember that you have a mommy, a daddy, and five sisters that love you!

Ella, Happy Birthday and ALWAYS reach for the stars!  

*As I type this you are outside watching shooting stars and meteor shower with Kinley, her birthday gift to you!*