I haven’t had a Georgia peach here in Atlanta yet.  

You heard me right…Atlanta!

Jon invited me on a business trip and can I say that it has been so fun to see a different part of the country!  The things that have stood out to me the most after being here for a few days are:


 I LOVE the trees that line the streets everywhere you go.  It’s no wonder people call Utah a desert…because, well it is. It has beautiful green trees too but not everywhere you go.  All the freeways that we have driven on have had sky climbing trees along both sides for miles.  Beautiful. 

Another thing I have notices is *as soon as I walked off the plane is the extreme humidity. 


I may have wanted to live here if it weren’t for the muggy smoldering heat.  I can see however how I would have nicer softer skin instead of my dry Utah skin if I resided here. 

Another thing I have loved is the fruit.  It is very tasty and ripe.  We have great fruit also but it seemed like the pineapple and avocado were better…maybe it’s just me and the being free feeling that makes it taste better… 😉

 The food in general here is unbelievable..it’s a good thing I don’t live here long term!

I love the peoples diversity and accent here.  Yes, it is true…Utah doesn’t have as much diversity although it is changing more every year…Yea!! The accent makes me want to give them all a hug because it is so welcoming and cute.  Although I believe I may be the one with the accent here…

Ya’ll heya??

I love all of the historic architecture that I see as we drive around.  I wish I had time to see Savannah Georgia and drive through beautiful old places. 

 It is one thing to see and read about it in a book and another to see it with your own eyes.  I am afraid we will run out of time before I see half of what I would love to see…an Atlanta Braves game, six flags, CATS the show, museums..and on and on, but what I want to do more than anything before I leave is eat a 

Georgia Peach

That’s why I asked the  the sweet man in the restaurant

 “Where can I find a Georgia Peach?” 

His eyes got big and he just looked at me with one side of his mouth turned up.  I still don’t know what it means to some people but I guess I could guess… Jon knew “Georgia Peach” to mean something completely different and thought I was crazy to ask.   

Jon just bust out laughing after the man explained that he was sure I would be able to find a peach to eat but that it was more Georgia’s history…he said better peaches in South Carolina or something.  

Maybe that’s where his girlfriend lives..?

What’s your favorite State and why?  For those of you outside the U.S., where do you love to live and why *so I can add it to my “to do list”*

A girl can dream right?