I have been SO busy, I haven’t been able to keep up with the happenings here at Pink Moss.  We had guests staying with us all last week and a new set all this week.  I love seeing the family and it gives us all a chance to catch up, but I realize why when school starts I am ready for a routine again.  This year will be weird with all of my kids in school.  Halle will only be half day, but still..STRANGE!  I am moving into a whole new part of my mommy existence.  More mentally draining than physically draining like the first 15 years.  

My brother Dave and his darling family came last night and the first thing he did was fix my computer so that my light room would work.  I am SO excited to start learning how to use it so that my pictures can keep up with my imagination…which by the way has sent me on two full nights of flying in my dreams the past few R.E.M’s… I LOVE flying. 

 I am not talking about with a plane, I am saying the REAL thing.  Soaring through the clouds with nothing but your body.  There is nothing on the earth like it.  

Because my light room is *hopefully* working, I wanted to pull up some pictures I took about a month ago that I had already done all the editing on and couldn’t figure out how to post them…

Here we GO… *yea! It worked*

This is a regular sight in our home with so many girls!  They make up dances and dress up several times a week.  I love it, they love it!