This will be a quick post

I need to vent and breathe for just a moment…so I pre-apologize for the trip you are about to take with me.  If you are faint of heart…keep blog hopping…and if you have nothing at all good to do then you may stay but remember: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Remember our “cute” bunnies? Our adorable, fuzzy, could never do any wrong, waskly wabbits?! 

uh huh…those.  

I don’t know how long they will be around.  

Don’t worry I haven’t killed them by lack of hydration like our first set of rabbits 14 years ago, or Floppy that died a few months ago.  They weren’t drown in a sink like Monkey tried with the Hamster.  I am ready to personally harm them…don’t call animal cruelty on me though (yet).  I am trying to keep my cool.

Do you recall how much I LOVE bunny poo?  I do for many reasons but my whole theory on bunny poo was thrown out the window today when Sprite announced to my cousin Kim tha

“There are maggots in the bunnies cage!!”  

Poor Kim.  She came to relax, she came to visit her cousin and watch her kids bask in the sun  and frolic in the lake…but instead she had to help me perform a sort of surgery of the most grotesque kind.  

At first I laughed at her *the same way she laughed at Sprite* when she broke the news. 

I don’t know if I didn’t believe her or was in total denial.  I had already paid bills today *which I despise*, and found Bug laying under her whole dresser after she pulled it over on her from climbing up the drawers.  I ran upstairs having flashbacks from the first time a T.V. fell on Noo Noo and sent her to the E.R. for 8 hours.  

I haven’t told THAT story yet.  

I gasped “OH NO” and pushed the dresser off of her tiny body.  The dresser had even been bolted into the wall, but it just popped right out!! I laid down on the bed with her after I had checked over her entire body and didn’t find a scratch!! She was sad because her lava lamp had broken, as I inspected for broken bones and skin.  

Thank goodness angels were watching bug today…

Anyway, it had already been a DAY, so when I realized I would have to attack the maggot situation I paused and tried to think of any way to get out of it.  Finally I remembered. 


my niece Addison is staying with us right now and I had the bright idea to offer her $20 dollars to clean out the cage.  That’s what kids are for..right?!  Kim told me she needed to check on child labor laws and gave me a grimace as she said, “$20 a cage?!”  



as I ran upstairs.  I may be cheaper than her, but I knew she would take the bait.  I would have jumped at $20 at her age…maybe, that is until I smelled the stench the filtered out from the cage.  I stood about 20 feet away as she assessed the situation.  Anyone that knows me KNOWS I HATE MAGGOTS!  Worse the Llamas even…maybe, a close tie.  

After listening to her prognosis I realized that the sprinklers had sprayed into the cage and soaked all the previously nicely formed round hard poops they usually have.  It was mush…and the flies were loving it!! BARFORAMA I know. 

Kim came out *to my embarrassment* to offer her assistance and gave us some great ideas to dump it into trash bags and shovel it out…I won’t even mention my plan.  She gave us sacks to put our hands into..another brilliant plan and we all grunted, groaned, gurgled, and heaved as we poured the contents into the bag.  The first thing Kim said was, don’t look as I yelled “UGGGGHHGAHGHGHA”  I couldn’t help it.  You know when someone says, “don’t look” and you do it without a thought at all?  Ya.

After a long torturous maggot infested rancid play time, I decided once again..that I hate maggots AND if this happens again, my kids may be very sad to find our bunnies free…free of Pink Moss and our animal shenanigans!