It’s a rare thing to have Rooz run up to my room and ASK me to “Come take her picture.”

All I can say is it must be young love!

I have been begging her to be in pictures her entire life…and all it took was a boy.  I should have known.  I have more pictures of Rooz the past 6 months than I do of the past 6 years.  I am not complaining..I love it!  

When I came downstairs I teased Scott that his pose reminded me of Napoleon Dynamites and so he pulled out the full act.  He impersonated every character perfectly and so I asked him to pose like the photo shoot.  You may be thinking we are dorks..and we are, but we were dying laughing!  It took a few shots before he could hold a straight face.  I am sure I wasn’t helping cracking up as I was taking it!

First Try…



What a cute couple