I loved this post by my sister Camille and had to share it with you!  I can so clearly remember how it felt to be a hound dog when pregnant!  I remember smelling grape when I was pregnant once and spent about 20 minutes walking around my house trying to find it.  I finally found an EMPTY can of grape soda under the kitchen table!! There is nothing like a pregnant woman’s nose!


Pregnancy comes with a lot of, shall we say, trials?  Having a super sensitive ability to smell wasn’t on my list of top five annoyances with pregnancy until now.  Some time ago I bought Paul Axe body wash, it smelled manly, and it was just a hint of scent left on the body.  I figured this was generous to offer something in the shower for him to wash with that didn’t smell too girly.  Well, one time this body wash came with a free body spray and that is when things really went down hill.

Before I was pregnant I could tolerate the smell (freshly applied.) But now, it is like an army of junior high cologne drenched, hormonal maniacs attacking my ol’factory system.  A little dramatic? Yes, but seriously people, this stuff could kill you.

This conversation has come up between Paul and I before…

 Camille, “Paul could you please spray that some where else or wait until you are out of the house?”

Paul, “Come on Camille, it is not that bad…”

Camille,  “YES it is!  I can barely breathe in this room or house…it spreads pretty far.”

To find this picture I actually came across an article of school districts actually banning Axe products because kids were using so much that it was making people sick!  Have you ever seen Axe body commercials?  It pretty much sends the message that if you wear this stuff women will be lining up at the door for your attention and affection.  Boy, it couldn’t be further from the truth. In Axe’s defense they are looking into promoting a “proper application” method as to not overwhelm the opposite gender with the need to vomit.

Well, this morning Paul was going golfing and was ready and out the door by 5:30 a.m., which I was fine with him going, and on accassion waking me up.  But, when AXE is involved there is no “drifting back off to sleep.”  Before I knew it there was an army of all too excited 13 year olds at the junior high stomp that were holding me a little too close while we were dancing!  Ahhhhh!  Remember moments like that? 

 Morning tends to be the one time in the day that I can actually feel normal…for all 45 minutes of it.  But, sleep, and those first few moments of the day are a saving grace during my “I feel like I am going to throw up so don’t come close feeling” that I have pretty much all day.  I was livid.  Paul must have been nervous because I made it pretty clear that I was NOT happy about being woken up so early and instantly feeling ill.  I am hoping Paul seriously reconsiders ever using it again…what ever happened to that nice smelling cologne I got him anyway?  It is seriously threatening happiness in our home.

Please excuse the rant.